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What FM covers BFT?
FM 7-1
Explain the relationship betwixt FM 7-0 and FM 7-1
FM 7-0 sets doctrine
FM 7-1 discusses execution of that doctrine
COs have 2 major training responsibilities what are they?
Train the unit to accomplish mission/ Develop soldiers and leaders for future responsibilities
What is the ATLDM?
Army training and leader development model
What are the components of of the leader development model?
Assessment/ feedback/ army culture/ ethics/ values/ standards/ training principles/ warrior ethos/ 3 core domains: operational/institutional/ self development
The leader training and leader development action plan consists of what 3 phases?
Reception and intergration
basic competency
leader development and sustainment
Why is it so important to train to maintain?
because training cannot happen if essential equipment and systems are not mission ready
TA-50 is short for what equipment issue form?
Common table of allowances 50
Once soldiers and units have trained to standard, they maintain proficiency through what training?
Sustainment training
What is meant by battle focus?
it is the concept used to derive peacetime training from wartime missions
Who is the approving authority for a unit METL?
The next higher wartime commander
What is the lowest level unit that prepares a METL?
What is the lowest level unit that has battle tasks?
What does TADSS stand for?
Training aids, Devices, Simulators, Simulations
A training objective consits of Task, Condition, and Standard. What must Condition include?
Status of threat forces/ equipment needed/ references/ physical or environ conditions/ restrictions
What is CATS?
Combined Arms Training Strategy- describes the ways and means to acheive and sustain warfighting readiness
What is a battle roster?
A listing of individuals in a unit that reflects capabilities and proficiencies
What is risk management?
The process of IDing, assessing, and controlling risks balanced with the benefits or training
What is risk assessment?
IDing and assessing hazards
What is risk level?
a measure of the odds of a specific hazard creating an accident
What is Sergeants time?
is a standards based, performance oriented, battle focused training.
What is the difference between efficient and effective training?
Efficient is a good use of resources
Effective builds unit cohesion, teamwork and confidence
What are the 3 methods to present training to soldiers>? Which is the preferred method? least preferred?
Demonstration/ lecture/ conference/ demo/ lecture
What are pre-execution checks?
the informal coordination conducted prior to the conduct of training
What are precombat checks?
detailed final checks conducted immediately before and during execution
What are the 2 types of AARs?
Formal and informal
What does CALL stand for?
Center for Army Lessons Learned
What is a leaders book?
a tool for NCOs to maintain info on soldiers, training status, maintainance status, and equipment accountability
What does a leaders book look like?
pressed wood pulp binded and covered with cardboard. Whatever works for the NCO