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*(Adj., N) Being the first of its kind in a region; primitive; native.
Her studies of the primitive art forms of the abriginal Indians were widely reported in the scientific journals.
*(Adj) Unsucessful; fruitless.

*(V) Abort
Attacked by armed troops, the Chinese students had to abandon their abortive attempt to democratize Beijing peacefully.
*(V) Wear away by friction; scrape, erode.
The sharp rocks abraded the skin on her legs, so she put iodine on her abrasions.
*(Adj) Rubbing away; tending to grind down.
Just as abrasive cleaning powders can wear away a shiny finish, abrasive remarks can wear away a listener's patience.
*(V) Condense or shorten.
Because the publishers felt the public wanted a shorter version of War and Peace, they proceeded to abridge the novel.
*(Adj) Abolish
He intended to abrogate the decree issued by his predecessor.
*(V) Depart secretly and hide.
The teller who absconded with the bonds went uncaptured until someone recognized him from his photograph on "America's Most Wanted"
*(Abj) Complete; totally unlimited; certain.
Although the King of Siam was an absolute monarch, he didn not want to behead his unfaithful wife without absolute evidence of her infidelity.
*(V) Pardon (an offense).

*(N) Absolution
The father confedssor absolved him of his sins.
*(V) Assimilate or incorporate, such or drink up; wholly engage.
During the ninteenth century, America absorbed hordes of immigrants, turning them into productive citizens.

Can Huggies diapers absorb more liquid than Pampers can? This question does not absorb me; instead, it bores me.
*(V) Refrain; hold oneself back voluntarily from action or practice.
After considering the feect of alchol on his athletic performance, he decided to abstain from drinking while he trained for the race.
*(Adj) Sparing in eating and drinking; temperate.
Concerned whether her vegetarian son's abstemious diet provided him with sufficent protein, the worried mother pressed food to him.
*(N) Restraint from eating or drinking.
The doctor recommended totaly abstinence form salted foods.
*(Adj) Theoretical; not concrete; nonrepresentational.
To him, hungar was an abstract concept; he had never missed a meal.
*(Adj) Obscure; profound; difficult to understand.
She carries around abstruse works of philosophy, not because she understands them but because she wants her friends to think she does.