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What's your name?
Ko-mo tay ya-mas?
How do you say _____ in Spanish?
Ko-mo say dee-say ______ en Es-pan-yol?
I don't understand.
No en-tea-yen-do.
Can you repeat that, please?
Lo pway-des re-pea-tear, por favor?
I speak very little Spanish.
Ab-lo po-co Es-pan-yol.
I am learning.
Es-toy ap-ren-dee-end-do.
What's your name?
Ko-mo tay ya-mas?
What's his/her name?
Ko-mo say ya-ma?
I am married and I have three children.
Es-toy cas-ah-do ee ten-go trace ee-hos.
Yes, thank you.

No, thank you.
See, gra-see-as.

No, gra-see-as.
I'm fine, thank you.
Es-toy be-en, gra-see-as.
I slept very well, thank you.
Ay door-me-do be-en, gra-see-as.
That would be very nice.
Es-star-ee-a be-en/ag-ra-da-blay.
I think so.

I don't think so.
Kree-o kay see.

Kree-oh kay no.
I like Barcelona/Denia/Mallorca.
Me goose-ta Barcelona. . .