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A. Sequential Dependencies
1. Speed of ball
2. Spin on ball
3. Trajectory of ball
4. Angle of ball's path
c. Adjustments to sequential dependencies you should follow..?
The ball's impact with court.
II. Intercepting
A. 3 types/ways of initiating movement to ball.
1. Basketball "cut off the baseline"
2. Small step opposite direction of the ball to push off.
3. Gravity step
F. Possible directions for weight transfer during a groundstroke
1. Forward (toward the net or target)
2. Backward (away from the center of the court)
3. Outside (away from the center of the court)
4. Inside (toward the center of the court)
5. Up
Direction of the ball:

Ball direction is dictated by:
The direction of the racquet face @ contact
It is crucial for the overhead to be hit in...
Front of your body and moving forward.
Judging the player's movement will ultimately place the plaer in either a position of?
Strength and weakness
It is important for the player to move backward far enough so as to allow a?
Forward shuffle or step toward the ball.