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What are the Seven Areas of Concern?
Child Vulnerability
Caregiver Capability
Home/Social Environment
Quality of Care
Maltreatment Pattern
Response to Intervention
Protective Capacity
What areas are covered under Child Vulnerability?
Child Fragility/Protection
Child Behavior
What Areas are covered under Caregiver Capability?
What Areas are covered under Home/Social Environment?
Dangerous Exposure
Social Climate
Social Violence
What are the Area covered under Maltreatment Pattern?
Current Severity
What Areas are covered under Quality of Care?
Emotional Care
Physical Care
What Areas are covered under Reponse to Intervention?
What do the words Knowledge, Skills, Control and DIscipline under the Area of COncern Caregiver Capability Mean?
Knowledge is the information that the parents have.

Skills is the parents ability to put the knowledge into practice

Control are the discipline practices and Out-Of-Control or Violent Behavior.
What are three signs that Caregivers understand their painful history?
They express how they learned

They talk about how they wish things were different

They are motivated to avoid mistakes of their past.
As a risk factor, what can parents do that may seem like violent or out-of-control behavior?
They may act without thinking

They may respond impulsively to their emotions

They may be unable to see logical consequences for spontaneous behavior.
Name four Risk Factors?
Violent and Out-Of-Control Behavior

History of ABuse/Neglect

Substance Abuse

Mental Health Issues
All people who use drugs or alcohol are drug dependent? True or False?
False- Not al people that use drugs or alcohol are drug dependent.
WHat are the four crash phases?
Sleep for 3 days
Intense Hunger
An act by another member that us intended to result in physical harm, bodily injury,assault, sexual assault, or a threat that reasonably places the member in fear of imminent physical harm, bodiy injury, assault or sexual assault is called?
Domestic Violence
What are three tests that help with alcoholism?
A large percentage of parents that buse their children have mental issues. True or False?
False- Only a small percentage of parents with mental issues abuse their children.
What does the Area of concern of Caregiver Capability Address?
How much parents know about children and how well they can parent.
What types of conditions can cause injury to a child?
WHat are three questions that may pertain to the dangerous exposure of a child?
Crowded or chaotic home

hazardous and unsanitary conditions

behaviors that expose children to dangers
What 2 questions pertain to a childs Social Climate?
Family socially isolated

Social relationships are primarily negative
WHat 4 questions address Social Violence?
Family Violence

History of Violent Behavior

HIstory of Crimina Involvement

Imbalance of power between adults
What is Communication?
A giving or giving and receiving of information through talk,gestures,writing,body language,etc.
The position of CPS Specialist requires a high degree of professionalism that encompasses what four areas?
What forur things are required in order for a CPS specialist to form relationships?
Belief in Potential
What are four questioning techniques for interviewing?
Closed-ended questions
Open-Ended questions
Non-Leading QUestions
What are the four interview phases?
What are the three choices indicated on the Risk Assessment form under Risk Findings?
Risk Indicated
Factors Controlled
No Significant Factors
Risk Assessment N/A
At the end of each individual area of assessment, what is used to rate the CPS workers amount of concern in that area?
Overall Scale of Concern
A conversation with deliberate purpose which is normally accepted by the participants and a meeting in which information is obtained from a person is called what?