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What is the standard unit when measuring mass in the SI system?
When using the SI system what is the standard unit when measuring distance?
what is the standard unit for measuring volume?
What is the standard for measuring temperature?
What is the standard for measuring time?
What is the standard for measuring electric current?
Ampere(A) or Amps
Name the prefixes add to those standards. and their abbrevation and value
Kilo (k) 100
Deci (d) .1
Centi (c) .01
Milli (m) .001
Micro (u) .000001
Nano (n) .000000001
What is mass?
the amount of matter an object has
what is volume?
is how much space an object takes up
what is the formula used when calculating density
Density=mass/volume mss divided by volume
What are the 9 steps of the modern day Scientific method?
1)Define a problem
4)do the experiment
5)collect data
6)organize data
7)conclude and find out why
8)report your findings
9)repeat experiment if needed to
what is a standard?
an exact quanity that people agree to use for comparison is a standard
What is science?
a process that uses observation and experimentation to gain knowlodge is science.
What is a theory?
an explanation based on many observations supported by experimental results is a theory.
what is a scientific law?
a statement about what happens in nature that seems to be true all the time is a scientific law.
What is a hypothesis?
An educated guess using what you know and observe is a hypothesis.