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Parliamentary procedure
a set of rules and procedures to follow to keep a meeting orderly and harmonious, and guarantee that all persons have equal opportunity to express themselves.
presiding officer
the officer or person designated to preside over or lead a meeting; usually the president
chair person
also call chair; the person who presiding over a meeting.
out of order
inappropriate parliamentary procedure being used
composure under pressure situations
recognition from the chair
permission for a member to speak, given when the chair is properly addressed
talk about the motion after properly being recognized
propriety of debate
the right to come before; prority
to give members the right to express approval of or opposition to a particular action
majority vote
a decision by over half the members
two-thirds vote
67% of all members present must favor a motion
general (unanimous) consent
everyone agrees and no vote is necessary
the official written record of the meetings of an organization, reflecting all actions taken and discussion on important issues
main motion
intoduces new business before a meeting
when it is possibleto modify or change the wording and the meaning of the motion to which it is applied
subsidiary motion
a motion that relates to some other motion on the floor and can change or alter the main motion
closely related to or having bearing on the subject of the motion
primary amendment
an amendment applied to any amendable motion, except the motion to amend
secondary amendment
an amendment applied to a motin to amend
open for discussion, as of an item being considered by an organization
immediately pending motion
a formal propsal that is under consideration on the motion being discussed
standing committee
a committee that continues to exist in an organization from one year to another
special committee
a committee created for a special purpose that disbands as soon as it has completed its task
adjourned meeting
a continued meeting set to meet again at a certain time, similar to a recess
orders of the day
the items of business on the agenda
incidental motions
a motion that arises out of other motions and takes precedence over other motions when appropriate
misuse of proper parlimentary procedure
an expert on rules governing meetings who serves as an advisor to a chair person
tie vote
the same number for and against a motion
vote by voice
a vote in which the chairpersonask "aye" for the motion and "nay" for those who opposed to the motion
privileged motion
has nothing to do with the pending motion but is of such urgency and importance to interrupt the consideration of other questions