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What information is contained on the Navy Goal Card?
rating and advancement career information for each new recruit
In fleet and shore stations, who is responsible for maintaining the two-page Goal Card?
first term sailors
What goal-setting areas are included in the Pocket Goal Card?
Navy core values and recruit training goals, the sailors creed and personal priorities, DEP goals and fleet goals
What is the purpose of the Professional Development Board?
To advise Sailors on the necessity of completing PQS, to give Sailors a chance for greater responsibility
What personnel make up the Professional Development Board?
CMC, CCC, and educational service officer
What is the objective of the enlisted advancement system?
to provide qualified petty officers to operate the Navy's ships, squadrons, and shore stations
The enlisted rating structure provides paths of advancement for personnel in paygrades E-1 through what maximum paygrade?
What type of designation is FN
an apprenticeship designation
Ratings are divided into how many categories?
What is a general rating?
A broad occupational field requiring the same general qualificaitons and includes similar duties
What is the definition of a designated striker?
A sailor in paygrade E-1 through E-3 who is technically qualified for a specific rating
What is the difference, if any, between naval standards and occupational standards?
Naval standards are the military requirements for a particular paygrade, and occupational standards are technical standards for a particular paygrade.
To be eligible for advancement to E-2 or E-3, you must meet what requirements?
have a certain time in rate, be recommended by your CO, Complete BMR NAVEDTRA 12018
What is the purpose for the Bibliography for Advancement-in-Rate?
to help Sailors study for advancement-in-rate exams
For you to become eligible for advancement, what person must recommend you?
You are in E-2 and are eligible for advancement. What person advances you?
Commanding Officer
What factor limits the number of Sailors who can be advanced to petty officer?
the number of vacancies that exist in each rate and rating
What are categories of the final multiple that determine which personnel are promoted to paygrades E-4 through E-6?
merit rating, personnel testing, experience
What factors are considered in the final multiple computation?
performance mark average and examination score, length of service and service in paygrade, awards and PNA credit
In the Navy, ther are how many types of duty?
What is the definition of sea duty?
Duty performed in commissioned vessels or activities home ported/home based in CONUS that operate away from the home port/home base in excess of 150 days per year
What form should you submit to indicate your duty preference?
NAVPERS 1306/63
You have just arrived at your first duty station. You should submit a duty preference form after what period of time?
6 months
What is the most significant personnel management tool in you service record?
The Evaluation Report and Counseling Record
What is the main purpose of the Evaluation Report and Counseling Record?
For BUPERS to use when making advancement-in-rate assignment decisions
Wha is meant if you are assigned a 3.0 on an evaluation?
Your performance meets standards
How many traits are evaluated on the Evaluation Report and Counseling Record?
An evaluation for which of the following traits is NOT required for paygrades E-1 through E-3?
At what interval are Evaluation Report and Counseling Records for E-3 and below submitted?
biyearly and when transferred
Once you have signed your Evaluation Report and Counseling Record, it is sent to what agency?
How many different forms are contained in the Enlisted Service Record?
What data is contained in Page 2 of your Enlisted Service Record?
an application for dependency allowances and an up to date record of emergency data
What page of your ESR contains information on your occupational training and awards you've received?
Page 4
Where would you find information about your civilian education before you entered the Navy?
Page 4
What type of documetns require the COs signature?
those that establish policy, those that deal with aspects of military justice, those required by law
What are the objectives of the 3-M Systems?
to maintain equipment at maximum operating efficiency, to reduce equipment downtime, to reduce cost of maintenance in money and man-hours
What is the requirement for qualifying for a particular watch station?
completing a PQS
What section of the PQS standards deals with the major working parts of an installation?
What person/office is your point of contact for all the Navy's training and education programs?
What type of training do you receive during daily operation and maintenance situations?
What training is an important part of the Navy's leadership continuum?
What Navy school provides you with advanced skills and knowledge for a particular job or billet?
Class "C" school
What publication contains the list of current training manuals?
Catalog of Nonresident Training Courses, NAVEDTRA 12061
What activity provides support to the voluntary education programs of all the military services?
What program allows an enlisted person to complete a baccalaureate degree within 2 years while receiving full pay and allowances and be commissioned upon graduation
Enlisted Commissioning Program
There are how many types of discharge?
If you meet the requirements for the Navy Good Conduct Medal, you also meet the requirements for?
reenlistment, overseas duty, and commissioning programs