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Pollution can result when which of the
following types of agents is/are introduced
into the air, water, or soil?
1. Biological
2. Chemical
3. Physical
4. All of the above
4. all of the above
Which of the following operations causes
the most pollution?
1. Industrial
2. Municipal
3. Transportation
4. All of the above
4. all of the above
Which of the following materials is the
primary municipal pollutant?
1. Raw or inadequately treated sewage
2. Radioactive waste
3. Petroleum products
4. Acids
1. Raw and inadequately treated sewage
Which of the following modes of
transportation creates most air pollutants?
1. Trains
2. Waterborne vessels
3. Motor vehicles
4. Aircraft
3. motor vehicles
Which, if any, of the following effects of
pollution is the most serious?
1. Psychological
2. Biological
3. Physical
4. None of the above
2. Biological effect
Steel erodes faster than normal when exposed
to which of the following air pollutants?
1. Pesticides
2. Herbicides
3. Zinc oxides
4. Sulfur oxides
4. Sulfur oxides
7. Most pesticides fall into which of the
following categories?
1. Selective
2. Nonselective
3. Preselective
4. Control selective
2. Nonselective
What is the primary pollution concern of Navy
1. Noise pollution
2. Shore command wastes
3. Shipboard wastes
3. Shipboard wastes
Which of the following terms identifies
1. Maintaining
2. Raising
3. Lowering
4. Containing
3. Lowering
Under the Clean Air Act, what government
body has the primary responsibility for
assuring air quality?
1. Federal government
2. Each state
3. Local municipalities
4. Department of Transportation
2. Each State
Virtually all Navy ships have some type of
sanitation device installed. Which of the
following types of systems retains sewage on
board for discharge ashore or in waters where
discharging is allowed?
1. Direct discharge
2. Positive flow
3. Marine sanitation
4. Collection, holding, and transfer
4. Collection, holding and transfer
When operating sanitation devices in foreign
waters, Navy ships comply with which of the
following requirements?
1. Status of Forces Agreement
2. Coast Guard instructions
3. NAVFAC guidelines
4. All of the above
1. Status of Forces Agreement
Vessels may not discharge unpulped trash
within what minimum distance from the
U.S. coastline?
1. 20 nm
2. 25 nm
3. 30 nm
4. 35 nm
2. 25nm
Submarines may discharge negatively buoyant
compacted trash not less than 12 nm from the
U.S. coastline only if the water depth is greater
than how many fathoms?
1. 1,000
2. 500
3. 100
4. 50
1. 1,000 fathoms
The Navy’s land management program
involves which of the following efforts?
1. Migratory bird management
2. Production and sale of forest products
3. Soil and water conservation
4. Use of off-road vehicles
3. soil and water conservation
From what part of the world does the U.S.
import most of its crude oil?
1. Southeast Asia
2. Central Europe
3. South America
4. Middle East
4. Middle East Countries
What program provides information and
support for Navy personnel who are guests
in foreign lands?
1. Navy Sponsor Program
2. Overseas Duty Support Program
3. Navy Assistance Program
4. Navy Relocation Program
1. Navy Sponsor Program
The Military Cash Awards Program
(MILCAP) provides monetary recognition
of up to what maximum amount?
1. $ 5,000
2. $10,000
3. $20,000
4. $25,000
4. $25,000
The Navy’s Health and Physical Readiness
Program promotes health and fitness at the
command level. As part of this program, naval
personnel are required to undergo fitness
testing at what interval?
1. Biennially
2. Annually
3. Semiannually
4. Quarterly
3. Semiannually
“Informing the public and members of the
naval service about Navy operations and
programs” is the mission of
2. CNO
3. PAO
3. PAO
Extravagant, careless, or needless expenditure
of government resources.
1. Fraud
2. Waste
3. Abuse
4. Mismanagement
2. Waste
Intentional misleading or deceitful conduct
that deprives the government of its resources
or rights.
1. Fraud
2. Waste
3. Abuse
4. Mismanagement
1. Fraud
Intentional wrongful or improper use of
government resources.
1. Fraud
2. Waste
3. Abuse
4. Mismanagement
3. Abuse
You can report fraud, waste, abuse, and
mismanagement to which of the following
1. The Navy hotline
2. The chain of command
3. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service
4. All of the above
4. All of the above
To maintain public confidence in its integrity,
all naval personnel must comply with the
Standards of Conduct and Professional Ethics.
1. True
2. False
1. true
If you disclose information about a person to
unauthorized personnel, you could be fined up
to what maximum amount?
1. $5,000
2. $3,000
3. $2,000
4. $1,000
1. $5,000
The guidance and policy for making sure
that equal opportunity works rests with
what office?
1. Command master chief
2. Commanding officer
3. Chief of Naval Operations
4. Secretary of the Navy
3. CNO
Which of the following persons is responsible
for making equal opportunity a reality with a
1. Commanding officer
2. Executive officer
3. Operations officer
4. Command master chief
1. CO
Your performance evaluation does not reflect
your attitude toward and your conduct in
support of the Navy’s equal opportunity
1. True
2. False
2. False