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What is the primary type of budget used by the navy?
What is equipment?
Includes any functional unit of hull mechanical, electrical or ordance It is id by an APL
What is equipage?
Items of durable nature, like fire hoses nozzoles applicators anchors etc
What is controlled equipage?
Are controlled becausse they are very expensive or essential to the ships mission
What form do dept heads submit to order a repair part?
NAVSUP form 1250
When are the controlled equipage inventoried each year?
15 Feb to Mar 15
What is the difference between directive and nondirective counsling?
Directive counseling accomplishes the function of advice, non directive is focusing on the member
What are the 3 basic pillars?
Deterrance, forward defense, and alliance solidarity
What does the TRIAD consist of?
Ballistic missles, intercontinental ballistic missles (ICBMs), longe range bombers(the most flexible element of the TRIAD)
How many ballistic missles does a trident submarine carry?
What was hte TRIAD buil for?
to deter nuclear attack
How many fleets doesthe Navy have and what are they?
Second-Atlantic; Third-West Coast; Sixth-Mediterranean; Seventh-Western Pacific and Indian Oceans
What was the first fleet ballistic submarin?
The George WashingtonSSBN-598
What is Antiair Warfare for?
The destruction of enemy aircraft and airborne weapons
What is antisubmarine for?
The destruction or neutralization of enemy submarines
What is Antisurface Ship warfare(ASUW)?
The destruction or neutralization of enemy targets
What is Strike warfare?
The use of nuclear weapons to destroy or neutralize enemy targets
What does Amphibous warfare consist of?
Attacks launched from sea by naval forces and by land forces embarked on ships or crafts
What is the Phalanx?
Is the first all weather automatic controlled gun system The gun fires 20mm high density penetrating projectiles at 3,000 rounds per min
What is the phoenix missle; how many targets can it track; how many can it launch?
Air to Ait missle tracks 24 targets and can launch 6 missles at 6 different targets
How long does it take to complete refresher training and where does this occur?
The atlantic group is located @ Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, The Pacific group is located in San diego, CA. It usually takes 5 weeks
What is the type of inspections that the ships receive when the crew are at battle stations?
ORI (Operations readiness Inspections)
How often do the Board of inspection and Survey examine the ship also known as INSURV?
Every 3 years
What are the most important resources in your division?
The personnel
What ar ethe 2 types of authority?
General and organizational
What is general authority?
Given to officers and Petty officers so they can fullfill their duties and responsibilities
What is organizational authority?
Needed to full fill duties and responsibilities by virtue of their positions within the Navy
What is the responsibilty of the originator of o message?
For the functions of the message drafter and message releaser
What is the responsiblity of the releaser?
For validating the contents of the message. Usually the CO is the releasing officer but can delegate that authority
What are the 4 catergories of messages?
What do the CAT team do?
They see how much the command members actually know about equal opportunity
What do the CTT do Command training team?
assesses the commands compliance with the Navys equal opportunity objective as a whole
How long must punish ment be imposed for captains mast?
2 years
How many types of drugs do laboritories test for? How many tmes do they test it.
6 types of drugs and they are tested 3 times
When under the influence of narcotics how do they look?
Appears lethargic, pupils constricted and fail to respond to light,
What is heroin?
White or brown powder produces an intense euphoria resulting ina easing f fears and relief from worry.
What is morphine?
Medical drug to relieve pain
What is codeine?
Used in cough preparations and is less additive than morphine or herion
What is cocaine?
White or colorless crystalline powder. It can be inhaled or injected Produces euphoria excitation anxiety talkativeness.
What is crack?
Street cocaine mixed with baking soda and water
What are amphetamines often used for?
Weight loss
What are some examples of hallucinogens?
LSD, PCP They distort the users perception of reality
What is the #1 drug problem in the United states?
Who is responsible fr maintaining the master WQS bill on the ship
What chapter of the Navy regs deals with your responsiblity and authority while carrying out orders?
Chapter 10
What chapter of the Navy regs deals with rights and responsibilities?
Chapter 11
Who is responsible for ensuring the Navy regs conforms to the current needs of the Dept of the Navy?
Chief of Naval OPerations
New Navy regs and changes are issued by whom and approved by whom?
Secretary of the Navy and the President approves them
The instructions found in the OPNAV 3120.32 provide guidance and regulations for what?
The duties and responsibilities for all personnel within a unit or organization
What year was the UCMJ signed into law?
31 May 1951
What are the 3 types of courst martial?
Summary special, and general
What are the punitive articles of the UCMJ?
What does article 2 of the UCMJ state?
Persons subject to the code
What articles deal with apprehension and restraint?
What is the article known as the "Catch all"
article 134
What is article 94 of the UCMJ?
What is the article that deals with murder?
what is the article that deals with assault?
What is article 94 of the UCMJ?
What is article 119?