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Where does 85% of China's population reside?
China proper
What is to the west of China?
The Himalayas
What is to the east of China?
The ocean
What is to the south of China?
The jungle
What is to the northwest of China?
The Gobi desert
What does "Huang He" mean?
China's sorrow
What does the Yang Tze allow farmers to do?
Wet rice farming
What is unique about the Huang He?
What is the earliest dynasty?
Which dynasty united China after the warring states period?
What was the first strain of the Homo genus?
Homo habilis
In what order do these go, from oldest to most recent: Neolithic, Paleolithic, Mesolithic
Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic
Which of these must be first in a civilization: Writing, Specialized Labor, Surplus, Cities or Complex Institutions?
Where was Mesopotamia located?
The Tigris-Euphrates
Which Empire had the state religion of Zoroastrianism?
The Persian Empire
Which of these does Zoroastrianism practice: Animism, Dualism, or Monotheism?
Who was "Good"—Ahura Mazda or Angra Manyu?
Ahura Mazda
Why would good always triumph over evil?
Because evil has no foresight.
What was the Zoroastrian Holy Book?
The Avesta
Which of these is true about the Nile: it is remarkably shallow, it is remarkably naturally irrigated, it is remarkably random or it is remarkably regulated in its flooding?
It is remarkably regulated in its flooding.
Put these in chronological order: Mycineans, the Classical Age, the Golden Age of Athens, the Minoans, and the Dark Ages
Minoans, Mycineans, the Dark Ages, the Classical Age, and the Golden Age of Athens
Which was first: Hammurabi's Code or the Ten Commandments?
Hammurabi's Code
Which was class-biased: Hammurabi's Code or the Ten Commandments?
Hammurabi's Code
Which was religiously based: Hammurabi's Code or the Ten Commandments?
The Ten Commandments
Which is still in use today: Hammurabi's Code or the Ten Commandments?
The Ten Commandments
What did Purusha's body form?
The jatis
What is the meaning of "atman"?
What are the Upanishads?
Written interpretations of the Vedas
Is Brahma a part of the jatis, or a Hindu god?
A Hindu god
Is Brahman a part of the jatis, or everything together as one?
Everything together as one
If you are a priest, what are you under the jatis?
If you are a warrior, what are you under the jatis?
If you are a merchant, what are you under the jatis?
If you are a servant, what are you under the jatis?
What does the dwarf represent in the Shiva Nataraj?
Ignorance of moksha
What does the leg of Shiva Nataraj represent?
Escape from samsara
Who is the creator god in Hinduism?
Who is the representative of feminine power in Hinduism?
Who is Kali a form of?
What is Artha the goal of?
What is Kama the goal of?
What is Bhakti the goal of?
What is Moksha the goal of?
Perfect understanding
"To get good karma, follow your _____, attain moksha and become one with Brahman."
What is someone below the jatis?
In the Eighfold Path, wisdom is
In the Eightfold Path, ethical conduct is
In the Eightfold Path, mental discipline is
What is "The Eightfold Path" or "The Middle Way"?
Which of these is not a precept of Buddhism: To refrain from taking life, to refrain from stealing, to refrain from sexual misconduct, to refrain from greed, to refrain from intoxicants, or to refrain from lying?
To refrain from greed
Which major Chinese religion/philosophy was Lao Tzu the founder of?
What is the word for "actionless action"?
What are the two handles in Legalism?
Chastisement and commendation
Which dynasty promoted Legalism?
Which dynasty promoted Confucianism?
What is a "small or petty person"?
What is a "son of a ruler"?
What is "respect for one's elders and acceptance of one's place in society"?
Filial piety
Of the Five Relationships, which is the only relationship between equals?
Within a family of a husband, a wife, an older son and a younger son, how many of Confucius' Five Relationships are shown?