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What do you say when you meet someone new?
"your last name" desu.
What do you say after names have been exchanged?
Doozo yoroshiku.
What do you say in response to someone saying "doozo yoroshiku"?
Kochira koso doozo yoroshiku.
What is a more formal way to introduce yourself?
"your last name" to mooshimasu.
What is a more formal way to say "nice to meet you"?
Doozo yoroshiku onegai itashimasu.
This is my family.
kazoku desu.
This is my husband.
shujin desu.
This is my wife.
Kanai desu.
These are my parents.
Ryooshin desu.
This is my father.
Chichi desu.
This is my mother.
Haha desu.
This is my husband, John.
Shujin no John desu.
This is Mr. Tanaka.
Tanaka san desu.
This is Mr. Tanaka from Esso Oil.
Esso Oil no Tanaka san desu.
I'm Mr. Tanaka from Esso Oil
Esso Oil no Tanaka desu.