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2 or more atoms chemically bound together are called...
Molecules that are the same element bound together are called...
diatomic elements
Substances composed of molecules (usually nonments) are called...
molecular compounds
chemical formulas that indicate the actual numbers and types of atoms in a molecule are called...
Molecular Formulas
chemical formulas that give the smallest whole number ratio of atoms in a molecule are called...
Empirical formulas
A formula that shows the numbers and kinds of atoms as well as which atoms are attached to which a molecule is called...
a structural formula
A charged atom or a charged group of atoms is called an...
Positively charged ions are called...
Cations (usually metals)
Negatively charged ions are called...
Anions (usually nonmetals)
A group of atoms joined together as in a molecule but possessing a net positive or negative charge is called a....
Polyatomic ion
Ionic compounds form when...
cations and anions combine.
If it starts with this nonmetal it's ionic.
Ionic compounds are electrically neutral.
Just so you know
I onic compounds have only an _______ formula