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disengagement theory
*withdraw from society
- aging IV becasue they are old
- everyone does it different ages
- ignores social context and individuality

- only certian roles fall out of but maintain others
activity theory
* better adjustment more active you are
- maintain activities midlife

AKA: implicit theory aging
continuity theory
Keep as many roles as possible but can drop ones think cant do

-Internal: Personality

-External:Past role performances (ex:activities)
exchange theory
cost and benifit - allocation of resources

- elders lose power and resource get older (NO! ex: supreme court)

- excange btwn generations
Ex: parents help w/ $ in college
Subculture theory
*people act certian way b/c they are certian age group (share values/views)
EX: nursing home setting

- culture within whole culture
- act same way (NOT REALLY TRUE!) according to theory
social construction theory
*we construct reality of aging/ what it is to be old

- what an elder is?
- attributions people b/c they are old
- stereotypes/ what appropriate
modernization theory
*elderly lose status when socity went from agricultural to industral society

- elders neglected by children (NO!)

- 21st century have many programs only for senior citizens!
Age stratification theory
*break people into groups
EX: race/sex/age/marital staus

- allocate privlages to people based on age

-ristrictions and privlages people
political economy theory
*goes on at societal level affects status of elders

-institutional gov. level
(Social Security/medicare (+))
(drug benefit (-))
driving test keep licence
feminist theory
*gender central focus- relationship btwn genders

- female less power than male