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How many innings are there per game?
What are the two halves of an inning called?
Top and bottom
Who starts at the top of the first inning?
The visiting team
How many outs are allowed per inning?
Usually, if a game ends in a tie and extra innings are played until one team outscores the other, the home team, if trailing…….
always gets a final turn at bat.
Describe batting
The batter stands at the plate and swings his bat in an attempt to hit the pitched ball into fair play.
When must batters swing?
Batters must swing at the ball when it is pitched in the strike zone or else the pitch may be called a “strike.”
What happens when a batter hits a “fair ball,”?
He becomes a base runner and sprints to first base
In the attempt to get to first base before the baseball is thrown there, the batter may overrun the bag without the worry of being tagged out. This rule applies only to first base.
What is the exception for first base?
Occurs when a batting player hits the ball in fair play and then “safely” reaches a base.
1st Base
2nd Base
3rd Base
Home Run
Base Hit
Crosses home plate
Homer, Four Bagger
Home Run
A ball hit within the foul lines
Fair ball
A batted ball that lands outside fair territory or touches fair ground, but rolls out-of-bounds before reaching first or third base.
Foul ball
What does a foul ball count as?
Usually a strike, unless the batter has already hit two strikes, in which case the player continues to bat.
When a player swings and misses a pitch; swings and fouls off a pitch; or does not swing when a pitch is in the strike zone
When does a batter strike out?
1)when he gets three strikes in one turn at bat (so long as the third strike is caught by the catcher)
2)“foul tips” a third strike that is caught by the catcher
3)“bunts” the ball foul when there are two strikes
Called by the umpire when the batter does not swing at a pitch thrown outside the strike zone
What is the objective for the team in the field?
to get three players on the batting team out
A batter is out when...
1) he hits a ball, fair or foul, that is caught by a fielder before it touches the ground, 2) he is tagged, or first base is touched by a fielder holding the ball before the batter gets there, or 3) he strikes out
A base runner is out when...
1) he is between bases and is tagged by a fielder holding the ball or 2) he is forced out
How many players are on a team?
What is a field divided into?
An infield and an outfield
Where the bags are located, the diamond
Players in the field include...
three outfielders, four infielders, one pitcher, and one catcher
may take place any time the ball is not in play. Once substituted, however, a player may not reenter the game
Throws the ball from an elevated “pitching mound” located in the center of the diamond. He tries to get opposing batters out by pitching into the “strike zone,” using assorted pitches such as the fastball or curve ball
Plays in a crouched position directly behind home plate and catches the baseball thrown by the pitcher. Along with the pitcher, he decides which pitches should be thrown to each batter.
next to the bag at first. He fields the baseball when it is hit down the first base foul line and also covers the base on “force plays.”
First Baseman
Plays in the gap between second base and the first baseman. He fields the “grounders” and “pop-ups” hit to this part of the infield, covers plays to second, and relays throws from the outfielders
Second Baseman
Stands between second and third base and fields balls hit to this side of the infield. He is often involved in force plays and “double plays” with the second baseman.
Plays just to the left of third base. He covers third when runners approach and is responsible for fielding balls hit down the third base foul line
Third Baseman
- These three players catch the “fly balls” and field the base hits that go through the infield. They need to have strong throwing arms to get the baseball back into the infield to prevent runners from advancing along the bases
Outfielders (Left, Center, and Right)
Called against a pitcher, while set in his pitching position, who illegally moves off the rubber when one or more runners are on base. Runners get a free advance to the next base on a balk
Term for when there are runners on first, second, and third base
Bases Loaded
The rectangular areas on either side of home plate where players stand when batting.
Batter’s Box
When a batter is hit in the head by a pitch. Anytime a batter is hit by a pitch, he advances to first base
A batter uses a partial swing to gently hit the ball into the infield in an attempt to outrun a throw to first base or advance a base runner
The outlined area on either side of first and third base. From there, coaches for the batting team signal instructions to batters and runners
Coach’s Box
The number of balls and strikes against a batter.
the Count
A count of three balls and two strikes
full count
Another name for the infield, derived from the diamond shape formed by the three bases and home plate
When the fielding team puts out two base runners on a hit ball
Double play
When a fielding player misplays the ball or makes a bad throw, allowing a batter or runners on base to advance
When a fielder has more than one option for making an out
Fielder's choice
A foul ball that is lightly tipped
foul tip
Occurs when a batter hits a fair ball and runs to first base, forcing a base runner directly ahead of him to run to the next base. In this situation, an infielder holding the baseball need only tag the base ahead of a runner in order to get him out
Force Play
A home run with the bases loaded. Four runs are scored
Grand Slam
When a fair ball either bounces over a home run fence or rolls out of play, the batter gets an automatic double
Ground Rule Double
A batted ball hit along the ground
To help advance a runner, the batter swings at a pitch while at the same time a runner on base advances toward the next base
hit and run