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unblended American corn-based whisky made from one or two kinds of mash (crushed, ground corn)
history of bourbon
first made by Batist minister Elijah Craig in Bourbon County, Kentucky, where it got it's name
average alcohol content
between 80 and 100 proof
examples of Bourbon
wild turkey, old forester, knob creek, maker's mark
juniper berries distilled wiht a grain mash (usually corn, barley, rye, and/or wheat) and other botanical flavorings (cassis, coriander, fennel, ginger, lemon peel, etc)
There are 2 types of Gin
dry gin (80-90 proof)used in G&T and dutch gin for sipping(70-80 proof)
The origin of Gin
made in the seventeenth century by a Dutch chemist used for medicinal purposes. "Dutch courage"
examples of gin
seagram's, beefeater, Gordon's, Plymouth,Junipero, Tanqueray
boiled down sugarcane, which eventually goes through a few processes before it becomes molasses. then it is distilled and aged.
history of rum
made in the caribbean