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what are the dates for the periods?
baroque 166-1750, classical 1750-1830, romantic 1830-1900, contemporary 1900-present
what is the baroque period characterized by?
polyphonic texture, use of ornamentation, improvisation, dance suite, terraced dynamics
polyphonic texture
two or more separate voices are interchanged to create the music. the melodies are passed b/n the parts, and the parts are of = importance
use of ornamentation
composers included many trills, mordents and other ornaments in their music. it was the performer's responsibility to know how to play the ornaments correctly, performers could also add their own ornaments
entire sections of music that the performer created, often after a cadence in the music
figured bass
another type of improvisation. performer given an outline of the chord progression of a compostion and improvised using the harmonies specified by the figured bass
what was the keyboard music of the baroque period written for?
harpsichord, clavichord, and organ
name some famous baroque composers
J.S bach, girolamo frescobaldi, G.F. handel, domenico scarlatti, georg philipp telemann, antonio vivaldi