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Logical Relevance
In order to be relevant, the evidence must tend to prove or disprove a fact in dispute.
Legal Relevance
The court should balance the probative value of the evidence against its prejudicial effect.
Hearsay is defined as an assertion made by an out-of-court declarant offered to prove the truth of the matter stated.
Vicarious Admission
Under this exception, a statement admitting culpability made by an employee during the employment relationship, concerning a matter within the scope of employment is admissible against the employer.
Excited Utterance
Under this exception , a statement made about an exciting event under the stress of such exciting event is admissible.
Present Sense Impression
Under this exception, the event need not be startling, but must be made contemporaneously while the declarant was perceiving the event.
Declaration Against Interest
Under this exception, a statement made by an unavailable declarant is admissible if it is against the declarant's financial or penal interest when made.
Character Evidence
Evidence of a person's character or disposition is inadmissible proof of the conduct of that person except as otherwise provided by law.
Dying Declaration
Under this exception, a statement made by an unavailable declarant who believes death is imminent relating to circumstances or threatened death with personal knowledge is admissible.
Medical Diagnosis Statements
Under this exception, a statement made of a past symptom, sensation, or condition is admissible if made for diagnosis or treatment of the declarant, and if pertinent to such diagnosis or treatment.
Declaration against penal interests
Under this exception, a statemetn made by an unavailable declarant against penal interest is admissible.

(Here, a reasonable person would/would not..)