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What kept early missions from occuring. One main issue.
State Churches; the territorial church
What was a hinderance against missions for Jim Carey during his lifetime.
Hyper-Calvinism and also a lack of spiritual vitality and zeal. Political Support
Who wrote An Enquiry into the Obligation of Christians to use means for the conversion of the Heathen.
William Carey
What did William Care do for a living?
What was the first mission society called? and where was it?
Baptist Missionary Society
Who was Andrew Fuller and Dr John Thomas?
The other two missionaries that went with William Carey
Who are the unsung heros of early missions?
The missionary wives
When was the "Great Century"?
The Father of the Missionary Movement
William Carey
What denomination in America did missions start in?
American Missions started at improv meeting called?
The Haystack Prayer Meeting
In 1810 the first foreign missions board was started in the US. What was its name?
American Board of Commisioners for Foreign Missions
The first missionaries to be sent out by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions was ...
Adoniram Judson, his wife Ann and Luther Rice.
How did the Judson's and Rice get involved with the Baptists?
They started to read the scriptures on the way to India and realized that Baptists had it right with immersion. So they became Baptists.
What was the Triennial Convention for Missions?
A united group of all the baptist missionary societies called the General Missionary Convention of the Baptist Denominaty in the USA. They named it Triennial b/c it met one time every three years.
What was Luther Rice's initial assignment with missions?
To start societies to raise money for the judsons
Does the North or South want Societies?
Does the North or South want a Convention?
What is a society?
An individual-based approach, with a single-ministry focus
What is a convention?
A body composed essentially of churches, who cooperate tother to minister in a variety of areas: foreign missions, home missions, publications adn theological educaiton.
What is an advantage of the convention structure?
It avoides the duplication of effort and organization of a multiplicity of societies and provides a means of formulating a centralized budget.It affirms the belief that the church is the main way God's will will be brought about
What are the advantages of a society?
A simpler, less involved denominational structure, a clear focus, and a committed membership supporting the ministry. Support raising is more personal.
Who was the first home missionary appointed by the Baptist Convention?
John Peck to Missouri
Who was responsible for Columbian College and it's failure?
Luther Rice
Who was a big supporter of formal theological education for Baptists?
Who was the first president of the Triennial Convention and who were the first leaders?
Richard Furman, Wayland and Luther Rice
What was one of the initial reasons for North and South Baptists to separate?
What caused the convention to return to a society.
1. missions support was weakening b/c of other ministries starting; the failure of Columbian college 2. the fear of the Church not have a right in the convention
Why did the North like Socities?
The North was much more decentralized, with a tradition of distrust of centralized power and individual, direct participation, dating from the American Revolution and before. Democratic society.
Why did the South like the conventions?
The south was used to centralized structures, with the plantaion a common model--all functions operated under the same umbrella.
Northern Baptist greatest fear with the convention?
Associations infringing or limiting the autonomy and independence of the local church.
The favorite Confession of Faith for the Landmarkism?
New Hampshire, b/c it did not mention the universal church.
Who were two well-known leaders for the
anti-missionary stance?
Daniel Parker and Alexander Campbell
Who was perhaps the biggest enemy of missions?
Daniel Parker
What were the "Two seed in the Spirit Predestination Baptists"?
A group lead by Daniel Parker that were Hyper-Calvinism in beliefe, alot like the Baptists in England the century before.
What were the "two fuels" to the Anti-missions sentiments.
The first fuel was Strict "biblicism" meaning if it is not specifically taught in the Bible it isn't right and the second fuel was jealousy.
What areas did the Anti-missions sentiment thrive?
Frontier Areas
Thy did frontier areas seem to grow anti-mission sentiments.
Most mission societies were in big cities in the east where there was money, yet they asked the poor churches in the frontier for funds; the lack of educated pasters in the west.
What was the final factor that split the Baptist North and South?
When was the SBC started.
May 1845 in Augusta, GA.
W.B. Johnson was known for what in the SBC.
Coming up with the convention structure.
What two ways did the SBC keep the society structure?
1. The basis of representation
2. Lack of a means of central collection and distribution of funds.
How were the problems of collectin, distribution and representation taken care of in the SBC?
The Cooperative Program
What must a church do to be a part of the SBC?
Give to the cooperative program
In the first 50 years of the SBC four benevolent objects were addressed, what were they?
Foreign Missions; Home Missions; Publication of Literature and Theological Education.
Charlotte Diggs Moon
Lotty Moon
What is the WMU?
Women's Missionary Union that is an auxilary of the SBC that helps fund missionaries and other things.
What was the SBC's Missionary Orginization called?
The Foreign Mission Board
What offering helped the FMB get through the civil war, lack of funds and anti-missionism?
The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering
Who was I.T. Tichenor?
He was the president of the Home Mission Board in the late 19th century that challenged the Northern Baptist's work in the South.
Of the four SBC developments in the first 50 years which one came last? Foreign Missions, Home Missions,Publications or Theological Education?
Publications or the Sunday School Board - Now Lifeway
What kept the Baptist Sunday School Board from forming earlier other than the Civil War?
The division between landmarkists and anti-landmarkists.
Who was J.M. Frost?
He had a dream "vision" to try to start a Board of Publications again. And did.
What two things did the SS Board do for the SBC?
It brought a denomination identity and unity.
Where was the first Baptist Seminary located?
At Furman University in South Carolina.
Who was the first president of the seminary at Furman?
What is the name of the oldest SBC confessional statement signed by the faculty at SEBTS.
The Abstract of Principals
What were J.P Boyce's principles about seminary?
1. Broadly Accessable
2. Academically challenging track that was needed to fight off the liberalism coming from Europe
3.The need to provide a doctrinal standard that would anchor the seminary from drifing doctrinally
The seminary at Furman moved in 1877 to where because of financial reasons?
Louisville, KY
Who was engaged to Lottie Moon twice and was eventually kicked out of Southern Seminary for his doctrine
C.H. Toy
What two things must be learned from the C.H. Toy Contriversy?
The attitude we need to tak in protecting doctrinal fidelity and the action we need to take.
What three things are most important to know about Landmarkism?
1.Only Baptist Churches are true churches
2.The true church is a local visible institution - not the universal church
3. Only a true church can do churchly acts: baptism, communion, preaching (missions) (no IMB).
What was one of the main strives behind the Landmarkism movement?
To set themselves apart from the Campbellites
What person was at the center of the Landmark controversy?
J.R. Graves
What was the Landmarkists biggest problems with the SBC?
Ecclesiological, even though they didn't truly understand the SBC's theological foundations.
Who was R.B.C. Howell?
The pastor of First Baptist Nashville where Graves was a member. Graves was ousted from the church for spreading slander and started the "True" Baptist Church of Nashville.
Landmarkism can be stated today as the ________ or sleeping giant.
Lingering Ghost
Three key orginizational developements in the SBC of the 20th Century.
1. The executive board
2. The Cooperative Program
3. Basis of reprisentation(who can join the SBC)
The key word in this era of the SBC has been?
What is the average state percentage sent to the cooperative program?
How is the Cooperative Programs money divided at the national level?
50% IMB
22.79% NAMB
21.64% The six seminaries
Christian Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Guidestone and SBC Operations.
What was the name of the program in the 1930's that got the SBC out of debt?
The 100,000 Club.
Most churches that are joining the SBC are not white churches but . . .
Language churches and ethnic churches
Who was Arthur Rutledge
He made major progress in turning NAMB into a cooperative mission program rather than a direct mission program.
Sunday school should be used to reach, as well as teach. What did this idea produce.
The F.A.I.T.H program
What is one of the major challenges facing Lifeway in the near future?
Small Groups
What are the names of the 6 seminaries?
Many Baptist colleges have left the cooperative program and have...
Started their own seminaries
What is the Annuity Board Called now?
Guidestone Financial Rescources
What tradition supports Theological education?
The Charleston
Name other orginizations affiliated with the SBC.
Annuity Board or Guidestone;
Christian Life Commission, or now called Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission;
Why are there SBC churches all over the USA and CANADA?
What is the percentage of members that are still in the "old south"?
What is "Doctrinal Development or Creeping Creedalism referring to?
The contriversy started by J. Frank Norris (fundamentalist)that questioned the teaching of evolution in the seminaries that brought about the adoption of the NH Confession in 1925.
What matters are most important with keeping the SBC unified and doctrinal?
Charity and Humility
Who was more responsible for the fundamental movement in Baptists; North or South?
Northern Baptist Convention or the American Baptist divided into afew groups...
General Association of Regular Baptist Churches;
Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society; Conservative Baptist Association of America
What man's controversy over fundamentalism and modernism caused teh writing of the Baptist Faith and Message in 1925?
J. Frank Norris
Fundamentalist characteristics
1.Legalism, harshness and unwillingness to accept any diverity in theology
2.Very indipendent form other churches
3.Scripture or more popularly premillennialism
Who is the National Baptist Convention?
The oldest Black Baptist orginization.
What are Baptists like around the world?
Like the Baptists here used to be.
What was John Clark known for?
Was a stable leader after Roger Williams
Who started the first Baptist Church in the South?
William Screven
Who was converted by his own preaching?
Elias Keach
Where was the first Baptist association in America?
Who was responsible for the 2nd London Confession to be adopted in the US?
Benjamin and Elias Keach
Who were four major people involved in the Great Awakening?
Voltaire, Count Nicholas von Zinzendorf; John Wesley; Jonathan Edwards
What was a hinderance to evangelism in the 17th Century?
Deism, skepticism and the Enlightenment were countered by?
Pietism, methodism and the great awakening