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Bank of the United States
This was suggested by Alexander Hamilton in order to help take care of the debt of the Revolution
Strict/loose Construction
This was an ongoing issue in courts on whether things were legal according to the Constitution
Protective Tariff
This is a tariff imposed to protect domestic firms from import competition. Also known as a high tax
Whiskey Rebellion
uprising that had its origins in 1791 and culminated in an insurrection in 1794 in the Monongahela Valley in western Pennsylvania by Appalachian settlers who fought against a federal tax on liquor and distilled drinks;the rebellion that proved that the new Constitution worked because Washington was able to send in troops
the act of conscripting people to serve as sailors used by the British
Citizen Ghent
a French ambassador to the United States during the French Revolution who tried to recruit US citizens to help with their revolution
Jay's Treaty
addressed the issues US was having with Britain and France and mentioned Britain was still occupying a number of forts on U.S. territory in the Great Lakes region. American merchants wanted compensation for goods and ships confiscated during the War of Independence. Southerners wanted compensation for the slaves the British had taken from them during the revolution. Merchants also wanted the British West Indies reopened to American trade
Pinckney's Treaty
established intentions of friendship between the United States and Spain. It also defined the boundaries of the United States with the Spanish colonies and guaranteed the United States navigation rights on the Mississippi River
XYZ Affair
Three French agents demanded enormous concessions from the United States as a condition for continuing bilateral peace negotiations
John Adams
second president of the US and was one of the founding fathers; XYZ Affair was during his presidency
founded by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, it lasted from 1792 to 1824 and was originally called the "Republican Party?
Alien and Sedition Acts
designed to protect the United States from aliens alleged dangerous and you can not say anything bad about the government
Kentucky and Virginia Resoulutions
Written by Madison and Jefferson these attacked the Sedition Act, which extended the powers of the federal government over individuals inside the states
Aaron Burr
tried to run for president and ended up killing Hamilton in a duel;was charged with treason too
Election of 1800
resulted in a tie electoral vote between Jefferson and Burr and was put into the hands of the outgoing Federalist House of Representatives for a week of deadlock before Jefferson was finally declared the winner