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Kurt Joose
Blended labens theorizing with ballet precepts
Green Gable
by kurt jooss, and expressionist ballet about war time
John Cranko
His works had an english feel to them. He began the stuttgard ballet. Put on romeo and juillet and other story ballets.
inherited the Royal ballet after Ashton. He set Romeo and Juillet and Anastasia
From the same academy as Nureyv. wasn't built right for the soviets, but was well loved by American directors
began joffry ballet and was known for reconstructing old ballets and putting them on.
Royal Ballet
Originally the Vic Wells ballet. Founded by Dame Ninette de Valoise. Reopened the Royal Opera House in 1946 with a preformance of sleeping beauty
A prodigous dancer from the soviet union who danced with the Kikov ballet. he defected in 1961 and formed a legendary partnership with margot fontayne
Following the assination of kirov, the mariinsky ballet was renamed the kirov ballet and went on to preform the works by vagonavoa and peptia
Ulanova was a famous prima ballerina absolute who danced for this russian ballet. swan lake was staged for the first time by this ballet.
Auguste Bournville
considered the father of the Royal Danish Ballet. Produced own version of La Syphide that became the most enduring form.
royal danish ballet
Galeotti oversaw flowering of danish ballet, best known for the whims of cupid, which still plays today
created by fokine.
self contained
ballet blanc
dancing to piano pieces
raoul feuillet
the first attempt to create a dance notation

published a book

benesh notation
usa read vertically