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continental congress
meeting of delegates 1st 1774 2nd 1775
discussed ways to resist -- nonimportation and defend themselves from Brit
NW Ordinance 1787
N of OH
made 5 states where slavery was prohibited
made a state when reached the minimum population of existing state 5,000
Committees of Correspondence
committee repsonsible for communication between colonial assemblies regarding the salary of the royal officials
Land Ordinances of 1785
survey and sale of western lands
divided land into townships 36 sections of 1 sq male
sections reserved for school
Shay's Rebellion
farmers led by shay closed courts... big uprising

forced to pay hard currency they did not have
Albany Conference
discussed what to do w/ French and Ind War
Franklin wanted "plan of Union"---disregarded
showed colonists not ready to unite
Salutary Neglect
hands off policy towards colonists
let colony flourish
encouraged to rule themselves
long run... hurt Brit
Olive Branch Petition
July 5, 1775
last attempt to reconcile w/ Brit... peace offering but King George was way too mad to accept thus the war began
battle was turning point because it made the fr realize that america had a winning chance therfore they allied against Brit simply for revenge
Articles of Confederation
approved in 1782
first constitution
a lot of power to states and less in fed gov
Declaration of Independence
July 4, 1776
declared independence from brit
written by jefferson
included natural rights... life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and that men are created equal
1st Great Awakening
religious revalval/enlightenment; pressed for more emotional sermons
made younger citizens feel they had a place in society
Navigation Acts
Colonists only allowed to trade w/ Brit.
example of mercantilism-restriction on trade to make sure products benefit the mother country
Stamp Act Congress
delegates discussed how to rebel against stamp cat---non-importatiion
Loyall Nine (Sam Adams)
Intolerable Acts
angered by Boston Tea Party, parliament issued a series of acts such as Quartering Act... Boston Port Bill which stopped trade in boston ports 'til they pay off the tea wasted
Common Sense
Thomas Paine's pamphlet
moving away from Brit
supported Democracy, similar to TJ and Locke's views
mid-class view
Declatory Act
Brit response of the repeal of stamp act... made clear to colonists that they still had "full reign" in pol. and econ. matters
Iroquois Confederacy
the first example of democracy
influenced the american colonists
Treaty of Paris
Fr.. Birt, Amer, and Sp all signed treaties w/ each other to settle individual conflicts

sp treaty w/ brit for fl.

am treaty w/ brit for recognition of independence
ignored previous treaty w/ fr that they would consult each other before signing a treaty w/ brit
Mayflower Compact
November 1620
by William Bradford
Puritans join together as a community
first document of self-govermnemnt
Proclamation of 1763
Brit demanded that colonists not cross the appalachian mtns

cause probs w/ Ind---couldn't support another war

angered colonists
7 yrs war
July 1754
Brit colonies fought NF and Ind.
Brit won and gained land
first time got fr out of amer.
last battle
Brit forces were locked in Chesapeake bay
couldn't escape by water cuz of fr navy and couldn't escape by land because surrounded by Rochambeau and Wsh's troops
Virtual Representation
Brit forces colonies to pay taxes because they were still reprepsented my Brit parliament
colonists didn't wanna be ruled from across the sea... no to virtual representation
Bacon's Rebellion
Led by Nathaniel Bacon
attacked Indians
government tried to stop them
in response, Bacon attacked Jamestown