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Cause: You have to be an adult to stay in your own tent.
Effect: Maria will share a tent with Cat. Cody will share a tent with Nick.
Cause: Cody's mother is worried about the long bike race.
Effect: Cody's mother called Gram to make sure Cody was ready for the race.
Cause: They need a place to put the tents.
Effect: They use a semi truck.
Cause: Cody wants to prove he doesn't have his father's dropout gene.
Effect: He refuses to quit the race.
Cause: Catherine's hair reminds Cody of a tiger cat.
Effect: Cody nicknamed her Cat.
Cause: Cody noticed something on the floor.
Effect: Cody picked up an envelope.
Cause: Cody read the bad-luck warning.
Effect: Cody felt nervous.
Cause: Cody's bike had a flat tire.
Effect: Cody had to wait for the repair truck.
Cause: Cat's camera had a bright flash.
Effect: Cody squinted his eyes.
Cause: Maria was hungry.
Effect: They decided to stop at a food stand.
Cause: Gram didn't like creepy crawlies or tents.
Effect: Gram checked into a nearby hotel
Cause: Cody wanted to see what Maria wrote in her journal.
Effect: Cody peeked at Maria's journal.
Cause: Cody was worried about his bike.
Effect: Cody dragged his bike inside the tent.
Cause: Cody's bike was inside the tent.
Effect: Nick complained that the tent was too crowded.
Cause: Cody ordered a BIG breakfast.
Effect: The man at the food stand laughed at Cody.