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Marketing's impact on individual consumers

High prices are caused by what factors?
1)high costs of distribution

2)high advertising and promotion costs

3)exessive markups
Deceptive Practices

deceptive pricing?
Falsely advertising "factory" or "wholesale" prices, large reduction from phony high list price
Deceptive Practices

deceptive promotion?
overstating the products's features, luring customers to the store for out-of-stock bargains
Deceptive Practices

deceptive packaging?
exaggerating package contents, not filling package to top, using misleading labeling
High pressure selling

what does it do with relationship with customer?
tactic damages marketer's long-run relationship with customers

-some products like cars and jewelry are said to be sold, not bought
Shoddy or unsafe products

what's wrong with them?
complaint that products are not well made

many products deliver little benefit

concerns for product safety
Planned obsolescence
change consumer concepts of acceptable styles

hold back attractive functional features

break, tear rust sooner than supposed to
Poor service to disadvantaged consumers
-may pay more for inferior goods

-"redlining" may occur where retailers avoid placing stores in disadvantaged neighborhoods
Marketing's impact on society as a whole
-false wants and tooo much materialism

-producing too few social goods

cultural pollution: constant assault on privacy

-Too much political power:large co's have more power thatn the avg. man to say what needs to be done
organized movement of concerned citizens and gov. agencies to imporve the rights and power of buyers in relation to sellers

What are some of the buyers' rights?
-right to not buy a product that is offered for sale

-the right to expect the product to be safe

-the right to expect the product to perform as claimed

-the right to be well informed about the imp. aspects of the product

-the right to be protected against questionable products and marketing practices

-quality of life issues
organized movement of concerened citizens and gov. agencies to protect and imporve people's living env.
Environmental sustainability?
management approach that involves developing strategies that both sustain the env. and produce profits for the co.
Environmental sustainability grid?
-co has a sustainability vision- which asks if the co's vision directs them toward the soln. of social and env. problems

-practice pollution prevention- which evaluates the co's most significant waste emsissions and sees how wastes can be eliminated or used as imput

-product stewardship-implication for the product design and development if assume responsibility for entire product life cycle

-new environmental technology-is their potential to realize major improvements on environmental performance through new technology?
Enlightened marketing?
marketing philosophy holding that a co's marketing should support the best long-run performance of the marketing system; its five principles are customer oriented marketing, innovative marketing, value marketing, sense-of-mission marketing, and societal marketing
consumer-oriented marketing?
enlightened marketing that says a co should view its marketing activities form consumers point of view
innovative marketing?
enlightened marketing that requires the co. to seek real product and marketing improvements
value marketing?
enlightened marketing where co. should put most of its resources into value-building marketing investments
sense-of-mission marketing?
enlightened marketing where co should define its mission in broad social terms rather than narrow product terms
Societal marketing
enlightened marketing where co should make marketing decisions by considering consumer wants, co's requirements, consumer long-run interests, and society's long run interests
Societal classification of products

1)Salutary products
products with low appeal but may benefit consumers in long run
Societal classification of products

2)desirable products
products that give both high immediate satisfaction and high long run benefits
Societal classification of products

3)Deficient products
products that have neither immediate appeal nor any long term benefits
Societal classification of products

4)Pleasing products
products that give high immediate satisfaction but may hurt the consumer in the long run
Marketing ethics

Broad guidelines that every org. must follow
should cover:

-distributor relations
-advertising standards
-customer service
-product development
-general ethical standards
Marketing ethics

What principle should guide companies and marketing managers on issue of ethics and social responsibility? (2)
-decided by the free market and legal system

-responsibility falls to indiv. co's and managers