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What are the protein synthesis inhibitors ?
Are these drugs bacteriocidal or static ?
They are all bacteriostatic...they suppress growth and replication, but do not outright kill.
In general, are drugs in this cateogry first or second line ?
Second line...primarily because of emerging toxicity
Tetracycline is the first line drug for which infections ?
Rocky Mountain spotted fever (rickettsia)
H. pylori (ulcers)
Bacillus anthracis (anthrax)
Borrelia (Lyme disease)
Which OTC supplements should not be taken with tetracyclines and why ?
Tetracyclines form insoluble chelates with calcium, iron, magnesium, aluminum and zinc. They should not be administered with Ca supplements, milk, iron supplements, magnesium containing laxatives and most antacids
Which two tetracyclines CAN be administered with food ?
Doxicycline and minocycline
Why should tetracyclines not be given to pregnant women?
They can stain developing teeth and therefore should not be given to pregnant women and those under 8
Which suprainfections can tetracyclines can cause and why ?
Because they are broad spectrum, tetracyclines can cause AAPMC, and overgrowth of the mouth, pharynx, vagina or bowel with candidas
Hepatitic toxicity is especially a concern for which patients taking tetracyclines ?
pregnant and postpartum women and those with kidney impairment
Which form of erythromycin is especially dangerous ?
erythromycin estolate
Which drug has an especially high incidence of AAPMC ?
Aplastic anemia and other serious blood dyscrasias can be caused by this drug...
Why is linezolid an important drug ?
because it can suppress multidrug resistant gram positive pathogens including VRE and MRSA.