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What are the 2 growth phases of Endospore Bacteria?
1. Vegetative: normal growth & reproduction
2. Sporulation: endospore forms, internal spore, end of stationary phase, unfavorable growth conditions like dissiccation and nutient depletion
Name two aerobic endospore bacterias? And their shapes?
Bacillus is rod shaped

Sporosarcina is coccus, tetrad, degrades urea, and enzyme urease
What bacillus bacteria is a biowarfae agent that aids in the the deadly disease anthrax as well as 3 other disease: pulmonary, cutaneous, and gasterointestional?
B. anthracis

-has medusa head colony is non motile with long chains and central of endospore
What are the toxins in B. anthracis and what do they do?
A toxin is lethal in the tissue necrosis and edema.

B toxin binds to the surface cell and delivers the A toxin instead with a protective antigen with a immune response and vaccine production.
What bacteria is a food born illness found in starchy foods?
B. cereus
Name 2 GI entertoxins and what they do?
Emetic - heat stable, vomiting after eating (1-6 hrs), in food, A and B toxins

Diarrheal - made after ingestion and causes ab pain (10-12 hrs)
Name an aerobic endospore bacteria that is an insectide to certain insects and is biodegradable?
B. thuringiensis
What is a bt gene?
gene engineered in plants like corn, cotton, soybeans
What is a glucose isomerase that is HFCS sweetner?
B. coagulans
What is a protease found in laundry detergens?
B. licheniformis
What is amylase found in starch processing?
B. diastaticus
What are 4 anaerobic endrospore bacterias? (all rod shape_
Name the anaerobic endrospore bacteria that uses the substrate CHOs and has the byproducts: acetone, butonal, and ethanol?
C. acetobutlyicum
Name the anaerobic endrospore bacteria with the substrate AA/CHO and by products of isovalerate and isobutyrate?
C. bifermentams
What is the food born anaerobic endrospore bacteria that builds in the small intestin and has gas gangrene?
C. perfringens
What is Gas gangrene? And what are the by products?
It is an infection to the open wound. Spore germinate and break down lipids. It's by products are H2 and CO2. It clogs the vessels, inhibits O2 circulation which leads to amputation of limbs and tissues.
Name the food born illness found in canned foods from home. This is when spres germinate in food and product neurotoxins.
C. botalim
What does the botulinum toxin do?
It binds the stimulatory motor neurons and blocks acetylcholine so they have flaccid paralysis where the muscles cannot contract.
What are the symptoms of botulism?
Happens 18-36 hrs after ingestion causes dizziness/weakness, double vision, labored breathing, and possible death (50-60annually)
Name the bacteria that enters tissue via a wound to block the release of glycine-inhibitory transmitters that block muscle relaxation and product spastic paralysis like lockjaw?
C. tetani
What does the tetanus toxin do? (under normal conditions)
Lets glycine release, blocks acetycholine release and allows the muscles to relax.
What is the nonpathogenic bacteria that helps with production of industrial solvents like aceton and ethanol?
C. acetobutylicum
What are the two phases used to product c. acetobutylicum?
1. batch culture-acid phase
15-20 hrs, acid produced
2. solvent phase
nongrowth, acid refermented
What is the bacteria that converts cellulose to ethanol and found in rumen animals/soils?
C. thermocellum
what is the sig of c. thermocellum?
helps with recycling