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Characteristics of Campylobacteria & heliocbacter
gram negative
low G/C content
unable to ferm/oxidize carbs
impt pathogens (diarrhea, gastric ulcers, cancer)
General characteristics of campylobacter
GI pathogens
grossly bloody stools
GI distress 24 hr
Guilliane Barre syndrome is and is associated with what bacteria?
demyelinating illness
2-3 wks after diarrhea
What is the resevoir for campylobacter?
c. jejuin in supermarket chicken
Characteristics of human pathogens c. jejuni and c. coli of campylobacter?
gram negative
curved rod - comma shaped
able to grow at inc temps
motile w single flagella
serologically diverse
What is the incubation period of campylobacter?
1-7 days with a median onset at 2-4 days
Where do campylobacter replicate?
both small and large intestines
How is campylobacteria similar to ulcerative colitis?
similar inflammatory response
What is the epidemiology of campylobacter?
more frequent than salmonella, shigella or e. coli
highest in summer
Toxin of campylobacter is?
CDT - cytolethal distending
What does CDT do?
toxin of campylobacter
inerupts cell cycle progression
Where else can you find CDT besides campylobacter?
shigella dysenteriae adn e. coli
How do you diagnois and tx campylobacter?
darting motility in fresh stool and PCR
fluid replacement and electrolyte balance
What drugs can you use to treat campylobacter?
What is the clinical importance of H. pylori?
associated w. chronic superficial gastritis
50% of ppl infected
peptic ulcer disease
gastric carcinoma
What are the general characteristics of h. pylori?
gram negative
curved rod
multi-polar flagella
urease production
colonizes mucus layer overlaying gastric mucosa
Population genetics and diversity of h. pylori?
aquired in childhood
familys have same strain
mixed infections are uncommon
What is BabA?
in H. pylori
binds to lewis b blood group Ag expressed on gastric epithelium
What is the significance of the LPS of h. pylori?
contains structure identical to fuscocylated lewis x & y blood group Ag
Why is it important that h. pylori are motile?
ability to swim below the lumen to a higher pH
What is urease?
an enzyme in h. pylori that converts urea to NH3 and CO2 to inc pH of immediate area
What are the histological findings of pathogenesis of h. pylori
inflammatory infiltrates with PMNs
What is NAP?
H. pylori
neutrophil activating factor
What is VacA?
h. pylori
interfers w intracellular vesicle trafficking
vacuole formation maybe resposible for gastric erosin
What is CagA
h. pylori
cytotoxin VacA assoiciated gene
What is Cag locus?
h. pylori
pathogenicity island encoding for type IV secretion
Cag + strains of h. pylori are strongly associated with what?
peptic ulcers and cancer
What is the first step in h. pylori infections?
urease neurtralizes amonia allowing survival in acid and swim to adhere to the lewis b blood group stuff (BabA and LPS)
After binding the lewis b blood group BabA h. pylori does what?
type IV secretion apparatus via CagA translocation
IL-8 - inflammation
activates protonocgene c-fos to get serum response element trans-activation
After Cag A gets into the cell what happens?
tryosine P
alters cytoskeleton - pedestal
induces IL8 release - inflam
After CagA causes modification what is the last step in h. pylori infection?
VacA is bound and internalized
this is a multifxn toxin
What are the functions of VacA toxin in h. pylori?
forms anion-specific channel
forms large vacuoles
alters tight junctions
induces gastric epithelial erosion
How do you diagnose helicobater?
phase contrast
urea breath test!!!
enzyme immunoassay