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Cause: Bacillus anthracis Trans: contact Symp: Cutaneous form-itching. lesions. Inhalaton form-fever. death. GI form- shock Detect: Isolate bacterium Treat: Ciprofloxacin Preve: vaccine
Bacterial Meningitis
Cause: Neisseria Meningitides. haemophilus influenza. Trans: Airborne Symp: NM-URI. stiff necks. 50% HI-pneumonia infection; gets in blood; affects children. 95% die. Detect: Spinal taps treat: Rifampin or ampicillin
Bacterial Pneumonia
Cause: Streptococcus pneumonia (70% of cases) Mycoplasma pneumonia. Klebsiella pneumonia or Serratia marcescens (no capsule) Trans: Airborne Symp: Air sacs fill with fluid. Detect: isolate from sputum Treat: Penicillin Prev: Vaccine.
MOST POWERFUL NEUROTOXIN Cause: Clostridium botulinum Trans: soil. spores in can Symp: Impaired speech & vision Detect: Inject foods into animal Treat: Antitoxins Prev: Sterile canning
Bubonic Plague
Cause: Yersinia pestis Trans: Rodent flea bites Symp: Bubos. bruising. Detect: test for plague antibodies Treat: Streptomycin or tetracycline Prev: Vaccine
Cause: Vibrio Cholera Trans: Fecal to oral. foodborne. Sympt: rice water stools. dehydrate Detect: Isolate in stools Treat: Tetracycline or Erythromycin Prev: vaccine 50% effective
DPT vaccine?
Diphtheria Pertussis Tetanus.
Food Poisoning
Cause: Staph-aureus. Costridium perfringens. Salmonellas sp. Shigella sp. Yersinia enterocolitica. Escherichia coli. trans: Food Symp: vomiting. cramps. diarrhea Detect: nose swab. Mannitol agar
Gas Gangrene
Cause: Clostridium Perfringens & Clostridium sp. Trans: Contact with dead tissue. Symp: Fermented gas tears tissue Detect: Isolate Bacterium Treatment: Amputation. Oxygen chamber. Prev: Avoid frostbite
Cause: Legionella Trans: Water/ environmentally Symp: Legionnaires and Pontiac disease. Confusion and pain. Treat: Erythromycin Prev.: Germicides/chlorine
Lyme disease
Cause: Borrelia burgdorferi Trans: Ticks Symp: Large red patches Detect: Isolate organisms Treat: Penicillin or tetracycline
Pertussis (Whooping cough)
Cause: Bordetella pertussis Trans: Airborne Sympt: Cyanosis and coughing Detect: Naso-swabs on bordet Gengou agar (rich in starch) Treat: Erythromycin Prev: DPT vaccine
Rocky Mountain Spotted fever
Cause: Rickettsia rickettsii Trans: ticks Sympt: may indicate measles. 75% Detect: Weil-Felix test. serum clumps. Treat: tetracycline Prev: Vaccine
Symptoms of Nosocomial infections.
Tissue necrosis. Inhibits phagocytosis.
Syphilis Symptoms stages.
Primary stage-invade blood Secondary stage-months later. swollen lymph nodes. fever. tertiary stage-brain damage
Cause: Spirochete Treponema pallidum. Transmission: Sexually Treatment: Penicillin G Prevention: Education
Cause: clostridium tetani Trans: Soilborne Symp: Lockjaw Detect: isolate bacterium Treat: Penicillin Prev: vaccine
Toxic Shock Syndrome
Cause: Staphylococcus aureus Trans: Contact Symp: Sunburn rash. Peeling skin. Detect: isolate bacterium Treat: Blood transfusion Prev: less absorbent tampons
Treatment for Nosocomial Infections.
Carbenicillin & Gentamicin. Wash your dirty hands Carbens and Gentlemen.
Cause: Mycobacterium tuberculosis Trans: Airborne Symp: eroded lungs. bloody spit. Detct: Tuberculin test. chest xray. treat: Rifampin. Streptomycin. Isoniazid. Prev: Vaccine
Typhoid Fever
Cause: Salmonella typhi Trans: Foodborne. Waterborne Symp: Intestinal ulcers. accumulates in gall bladder. Detect: Examine blood & stool. Widal test-mix with salmonella. Capsule on a string; examine. treat: remove gall bladder Prev: vaccine
bacteria of Nosocomial Infections. Hint: Think PaSS.
Pseudomonas aeroginosa. Staphylococcus aureus. And Serratia