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2 most pathogenic streps:
-Strep pneumoniae
-Strep pyogenes
6 important types of infections caused by Strep pyogenes:
-Skin/soft tissue infections
-Toxic shock like syndrome
-Rheumatic fever
-Acute Glomerulonephritis (GN)
-Pharyngitis (strep throat)
-Scarlet Fever
3 symptoms of Pharyngitis/strep throat:
-Tonsillar exudate
3 manifestations of StrepA caused skin infections:
-Necrotizing fasciitis
Cause of Scarlet Fever and 3 symptoms:
Cause: Erythrogenic toxin
-Centrifugal, red rash
-Slap cheek
-Strawberry tongue
6 symptoms of Rheumatic Fever:
-Subcutaneous nodules
-Erythema marginatum rash
What does mitral valve disease cuased by Strep A (pyogenes) develop following?
Pharyngitis - not after a skin infection!
Why are there heart and joint problems in Rheumatic fever?
Because host antibodies against the bacteria cross react with joint and heart antigens.
3 symptoms of acute glomerulonephritis caused by Strep A:
-Edema of face/ankles
What can Acute GN follow?
Both skin infections and pharyngitis
Why does glomerulonephritis develop?
Cross reactive antigens are deposited in the glomerular basement membrane.