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Streptococci: pathogenicity?
pathogenic and nonpathogen strains in animals and humans
toxins produced by Streptococci?
streptococcal pyrogenic exotoxin
Streptococci causes?
many lesions and affects almost every part of the body
Streptococci and antibiotics?
easily controlled with antibiotics
Which Streptococci are responsible for causing most infections in humans?
Strep pyogenes, strep pneumoniae, Strep agalactiae
Streptococci gram stain?
Streptococcus is gram + cocci in chains
Streptococci is killed by?
disinfectants and penicillins
Streptococci bacteria found on?
skin, nose, mouth, mocosal surfaces,may be alive outside body, species difficult to identify
Streptococcus grows best on?
blood agar
Streptococcus hemolysis breakdown?
clear(beta), green (alpha), none(gamma)
Streptococcus classification?
Lancefield System Grouping
Classification of beta hemolytic strep based on?
Carbohydrate antigens on cell wall
Streptococcus Serogroups?
A-V have been identified, omit I amd J
Group A Streptococcus
further subdivided into M-Protein antigens