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What are the gram negative bacilli ?
E Coli
Shigella and Salmonella
H. influenzae
What class of bacilli is Neisseria and what does it cause ?
Gram NEGATIVE, causes gonorrhea and meningitis
What does mycobacteria cause ?
TB, leprosy
What does chlamydia cause ?
cervicitis and pnuemonia
What does mucoplasma cause ?
What does Legionalla cause ?
What about Rickettsia ?
Legionnaires Disease

Rickettsia causes Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Typhus
What do spirochetes cause ?
Lymes disease, syphilis and yaws
What are the goals of antimicrobial therapy ?
Cost effective
Describe the rational approach to antimicrobial therapy...
Integrate kinetic activity
Develop a target concentration
Base dosing on kinetic and patient factors
Evaluate efficacy based on clinical vs. bacteriological response
Monitor safety
List the Cockgroft Gault Equation
140 - age X IBW
72 x Serum Cr. X 0.85 (females)
What are the rules of the CG equation ?
If they are older than 90, use 90
* If sc < 1.0, use 1.0
* if weight is less than IBW, use real weight
*if obese, use IBW
What are the dosing guidelines in antibiotics for hepatic insufficiency ?
Reduce the dose by 50% for those with severe liver failure
**use drugs that are cleared renally*****
What are the FOUR mechanisms of actions of antibiotics ?
1.)Inhibit bacterial wall synthesis
2.)Inhibit protein synthesis (by binding either 50 or 30's ribosomes)
3.)Affects RNA
4. Inhibits folic acid
What is the MIC?
the lowest concentration of antiobitic in the serum needed to inhibit the growth
When comparing antibiotics, what does a low MIC imply ?
The lowest MIC may be indicative of the most potent drug