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Origin, & insertion, of the trapezius?
Origin is Occipital bone, ligamentum nuchae, spine of C7 and ll thoracic vertebrae.
Insertion is lateral 1/3 of clavicle,acromion & spinous process of scapula
Action of Trapezius?
Extends head, raises, rotates & retracts scapula & stabilizes it
Origin & insertion of Levator Scapula?
Insertion C1-C4
Origin medial border of the scapula
Action of levator scapula?
Elevates & adducts scapula or rotates and sidebends head.
Origin & insertion of Deltoid?
Origin lateral clavicle, acromion, spine of scapula.
Insertion- deltoid tuberosity of humerous
Action of Deltoid?
Draw arm forward & inward
Origin & insertion of Rhomboideus major?
Origin T1-T4 spinous process.

Insertion medial border of scapula
Action of Rhomboideus major?
Braces & rotates scapula & pulls it toward spine, stabilizes scapula
Origin & insertion of Rhomboideus minor?
Origin C6-C7

Insertion Medial border of scapula
Action Rhomboideus minor?
Braces rotates & pulls it toward spine, stabilizes scapula
Origin & insertion of Splenius cervicis/capitis?
Origin T3-T6 spinous processes, C7-T3/4 spinous processes & ligamentum nuchae
Insertion Cervicis Transverse process C2-C4, Capitis mastoid process of occipital & temporal bone
Action of splendius cervicis/capitis?
Rotates & extends head.
Origin & insertion of supraspinatus?
Origin supraspinous fossa of scapula

Insertion greater tuberacle of humerous
Action of supraspinatus?
Assits abduction of humerus, stabilizes shoulder joint.
Origin & insertion of Infraspinatus?
Origin infraspinous fossa of scapula

Origin Greater tuberacle of humerous
Action of infraspinatus?
Lateral rotation of humerus
Origin & insertion of Latissimus dorsi?
Origin T7-T12 & via lumbar fascia to L1- l5, lower 3 5o 4 rubs and iliac crest.
Insertion floor of intertubercular groove of humerus
Action latissumus dorsi?
Adduct, draw back & inwardly rotates arm. Prime mover of arm extension. As in a striking motion