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back channeling
Active listening techniques that indicate that the nurse has heard what the client says
Destructive to bacteria
State in which the development or reproduction of bacteria is suspended
Presence of bacteria in the urein
Field of medicine that Focuses on the treatment and control of ovesity and diseases associated with obesity
basal cell carcinoma
Malignant epithelial cell tumor that begins as a papule and enlarges peripherally, developing a central crater that erodes, crusts, and bleeds. Metastasis is rare. Primary cause is excessive exposure to the sun or to x-rays
basal metabolic rate(BMR)
Amount of energy used in a unit of time by a fasting, resting subject to maintain vital functions.
Legal term for touching of another's body without consent
bed rest
Placement of the client in bed for therapeutic reasons for a prescribed period.
The doing or active promotion of doing good. One of the four principles of the ethical theory of deontology.
Response to loss through death; a subjective experience that a person suffers after losing a person with whom there has been a significant relationship.
Term used to describe a person who has two culture's lifestyles or sets of values.
kinship extended to both the father's and mother's sid of the family
bioelectrical impedance analysis
Method of measuring the fat compositon of the body, as compared with other tissues, by its resistance to electricity.
Field of study that guides the often complicated negotiations that charcterize contemporary decisions about health care.