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What cytokine secreted by CD4+ Th1 cells stimulates macrophages to come?
What does TNF and IL-1 do after they are released by activated macrophages?
Pro-inflamation (endothelial activation and acute phase reactions)
What does C3a do after it is released from a plasma protein?
What does C5a do after it is released from macrophages?
stimulate leukocyte activation and adhesion (recruitment)
Does TNF and IL-1 cause vascular leakage?
So what type of CD4+ cells exist?
Th1 and Th2
What does a CD4+ Th1 release?
IL-2 and IFN-gamma
*kill by activating macrophages and make opsinization agents
What deos a CD4+ Th2 release?
IL-4, IL-5, IL-13
*activate production of IgE, stimulate Eosinophils
How do you develop Hyper IgM Syndrome?
A deletion of the CD40-ligand on activated T cells..unable to stimulate CD40 on B cells so no production of IgG, IgA, IgE
The cylcooxygenase pathway does what?
mediates angiogenesis, wound healing and mucus production
What chemokine attracts Neutrophils to the site of infection?
What antibody is produced in response to non-protein antigen i.e polysaccharides and lipids?
IgG,IgA,IgE produciton require co-stimulation of what receptors on B and T cells?
CD40 and CD40-Ligand
What cytokine causes T cells to proliferate after the appropiate co stimulaiton is povided by the APC?
What are some co-stimulatory signals required to activate MHC I or II?