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What chemical mediators of inflamation cause FEVER?
IL-2, TNF, Prostaglandins
What chemical mediators of inflamation cause PAIN?
Prostaglandins, Bradykinin
What chemical mediators of inflamation cause Vasodilation?
Prostaglandins(PG-F,D, PGI-2), Histamine, Lipoxins
What chemical mediators of inflamation cause Vasoconstriction?
Leukotriens (LT-C,D,E), TXA
What chemical mediators of inflamation cause INCREASED VASCULAR PERMEABILITY?
Leukotrines (LT-C,D,E), Bradykinin, C5a, C3a, PAF, Substance P,
What chemical mediators of inflamation cause Chemotaxis?
Bacterial products, LT-B, C5a, IL-1, TNF
What chemical mediators of inflamation cause Coagulation by increasing Fimbrin?
TXA, Thrombin (via Hagamen Factor produced in the liver after tissue damage)
What chemical mediators of inflamation cause Anti-Coagulation?
Prostaglandins (PG-F,D), PGI-2
What does Lipoxin inhibit?
Chemotaxis and LT-C,D,E action
What else does the Hagamen factor produce?
Kilikrein that converts C5 and C3--> C5a and C3a ---> cause inflamation
What does the Fibrinolytic Pathway within the KININ Pathway cause?
Prevents clots from forming by destroying FIMBRIN
What does the Intrinsic Pathway cause?
Promotes clotting by activating FIMBRIN
What intermediates are found in the Fibrinolytic Pathway?
Killikrein, Plasmin, fimbrin
What intermediated are found in the Intrinsic Pathway?
Factor X, Thrombin, Fibrinogen, fimbrin
*thrombin also activates Acute Inflamation
What does Factor VIIa derived from the Liver's Hageman Factor activate?
Activates Intrinsic (clot) and Kinin(no clot) pathway
What does C1 do in the compliment pathway?
C1 converts (C4-->C4a+b and C2-->C2a+b) which form a C3 Convertase
How is C1 activated?
1. Ab (IgG and IgM)
2. MBL
How does the MAC complex form?
Begins with the fusion of C3b + C5b and eventually leads to formation of poor with C9 --> lysis
What components of the compliment system cause inflamation by increasing vascular permeability and stimulate chemotaxis?
C3a and C5a
What component of the compliment system cause phagocytosis by macrophages and neutrophils via opsonization?
*high amounts in Lupus
What are the functions of compliment activtion?
1. Kill
2. recruit
3. opsonization
In the Alternative Pathway, what causes Factor B to break and eventually form the C3 convertase by binding C3a and Bb?
Factor D
What regulates C3 and C5?
What regulates C3b in the alternative pathway?
Factor I
What regulates C1?
*when not present causes edema
What controls the MAC complex?