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Where does Fatty Acid Oxidation occur in the mitochondria?
Mitochonrial matrix
Where does Fatty Acid conversion to Fatty Acid Co-Enzyme A occur?
inter-membrane space
Does the mitochondria produce steroids?
yes and the mitochondrial cristae look tubular and less likely packed
How many fatty acids enter the Kreb's cycle?
2 and the longer the chain of the fatty acid the more energy is made
What happens when you increase the activity of the mitochondria?
increase the # of cristae
What makes your inner-mitochondrial membrane less permeable to ions?
What part of the ATP synthase makes ATP?
the head: F1
What part of the ATP synthase is the H+ transmembrane carrier?
What antibiotic inhibits H+ channel and H+ pump in mitochondria?
Oligomycin: channel
Antimycin: pump
What poison makes the mitchondria produce HEAT?
DNP: dinitrophenol
What poison blocks the elctron transport chain?
cyanide and rotenone
What metabolic disease is associated with defects in Oxidative Phosphorylation?
inherited insulin resistance