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What are some properties of Electronic potentials?
1. Time
2. Space
How are electronic potentials propagated?
1. passive
2. graded
What equation tell us about electronic potentials membrane time constant (τ) i.e how fast does the Vm rise upon stimulation?
R= resistance (# of channels opened)
C=charge stored on membrane(surface area)
What does the space constant (λ) if the elctronic potential tell us?
How far the Vm spreads ...depends on diameter of cell
What non-excitable cells make use of membranse potentials?
1. Beta cells
How does the opening of the ATP-Sensitive-K+ Channel cause the release of Insulin?
1. Glucose comes in
2. ATP is made
3. ATP block ATP-Sensitive-K+ Channel
4. Membrane depolarizes
5. Ca++ turn on
6. Ca++ comes in
7. Ca++ cause pre-formed Insulin granules to be released
How do you change the amplitude of the Action Potential?
decrease the concentration of Na+ outside