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What are some hyperactive oncogenic proteins made in normal amounts due to mutations in the coding sewuence?
What are some oncogenic proteins greatly over produced because of gene Amplification?
N-Myc--> neuroblastomas
Her2 Receptor--> breast cancer
Due to chromosomal rearrangement normal proteins are induced by regulatory DNA sequence to be overproduced?
cyclin D
Is Ras bound to the membrane?
Why is the Ras mutant permanently activted?
inability to to hydrolyze GTP
What does EGF and TGF-alpha ligands bind to?
EGF Receptors
What genes and associated diseases are placed under control of a strong transcriptional regulator following a translocation?
1. c-Myc : Burkitt Lymphoma
2. Cyclin D: MCL
3. BCL-2: Follicular lymphoma
What genes are FUSED after a translocation causing Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia?
BCR and ABL ---> bad protein kinase
What is the Philadelphia chromosome?
the fusion of chromosome 22 and 9
What do SMAD's in the TGF-Beta pathway transcribe?
CDK inhibitors (INK:p15)
The mutated TGF-Beta pathway is caused by:
1. Insensitivity to growth signals: loss of p15 CDK inhibitor
2. Loss of PAI-1 --> metastasis
What do tumors secrete to recruit blood vessels?
1. TGF-alpha
2. FGF