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What are some "gatekeepers" of cell proliferation?
What are some "caretakers" of cell proliferation?
BRCA 1\2
What is the mechanism for red meat causing colon cancer?
Fat --> bile acids --> tumor promoters
What is the mechanism for obesity causing cancers?
insulin -->IGF --> cell proliferation + anti apoptotic
What is a proximal carcinogen?
chemical that metabolism converts into a carcinogen
What is the stages required to induce certain types of skin cancers?
1. carcinogen exposure
2. Tumor Promoter
What does tumor promoter cause?
clonal expansion of initiated cell --->-->malignant tumor
Which are the DIRECT acting Alkylating agents?
1. Nitrogen mustard
2. Cyclophosphamide
Which are the proximal carcinogens that are bifunction (alkylating agents + intercalating agents)?
1. Benzo-A-pyrene
2. 2-naphthylamine
Which are the proximal carcinogens that are JUST alkylating agents?
What is Quinacrine mustard?
Can nitrogen mustard, a more toxic form of cyclophosphamide, bind to guanines at N7 via an SN2?
From where does one ingest Aflotoxin?
peanuts infected with Asperigillus flavus--> causes liver cancer
What bifunctional proximal carcinogen causes cancer of the bladder?
What 2 proximal carcinogens come from smoke?
1. Benzo-A-pyrene (Bifunctional)
2. NKK (DNA adduct)
Which are NOT direct acting carcinogens?
Aromatic amines
Which metabolic product of alcohol is a tumor promoter?
what microbial infection can cause vancer in the liver?
Hep B virus
Where does gleevec bind to in the BCR-ABL protein kinase?
ATP binding site