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What are integrins used for?
1. allow communication between ECM and Cell and Cell-to-cell also..
What are ways cells communicate with other cells?
1. ECM
2. Contact dependant
3. paracrine
4. synaptic
What are integrin ligands OUTSIDE the cell?
1. fibronectins(CAM)
2. laminins
3. Ig
4. fibrinogen
What are ligands INSIDE the cell
1. tyrosine kinases
2. actin filaments
What is anchorage dependant growth?
its how cells proliferate, grow, and survive by attaching themselves to the substratum using integrins
What signals can activate integrins to increase their affinity for ECM?
1.Fibronectin molecules on Cell Adhesion Molecules
2. Cadherins
What is a focal contact?
when you assemble: actin filaments, integrins and Non receptor Tyrosine Kinases
What are some NRTK
How are integrins involved in mitogenic signaling
when fibronectin binds with the integrins they activate NRTK (SRC) and that leads to Ras--> Raf--->MEK--> ERK
How do inegrins control growth
You need integrin signal and a GF signal or else it does not activate for growth
So do tumor cells have anchorage dependant growth
No, they are anchorage INDEPENDANT growth
Why? they produce LESS fibronectin
So how do integrins faciliate communication between the cytoskeleton and ECM
1. outside in: fibronectin
2. Inside out: myosin
So what are examples of Contact dependant signaling
1. leukocyte extravasation w/ CAM
2. inhibition w/ Cadherins
3. Development w/delta notch
4. platelets
So what is the Cell Adhesion Molecule Family (CAM)?
1. Cadherins
2. IgCAM's
3. Selectin
So which CAM is homophilic and is associated with actin filaments and adherence junctions?
-Also a tumor supressor
Which CAM mediate extravasation of blood cells and have hetero interactions?
They bind to Lectin found on the surface of cells
Which CAM can bind to Ig and Integrins with either hetero or homo interactions
So which CAM is important for Leukocyte Extravasation
all three of them
So all cells express Notch and Delta which bind together on adjacent cells, what cell will be turned on?
If you inhibit your neighbors NOTCH you will win
When comparing the amount of signal produced in synaptic and endocrine signaling which one produces its signal at higher concentrations?
Sypnatic Signaling, because receptors have LOW affinity
During neurosecretion what do the synaptic vessicles ride on?
They go from using Kinesin on microtubles to myosin on actin filaments
If you have a mutation affecting the Cadherins what can happen?
Familial gastric cancer and colon cancer since you may loose contact growth inhibition
What is Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency Type 1?
People have recurrent infections b/c leukocytes cannot extravasate out of the blood due to a mutation on the INTEGRIN