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Bill Leonard called the reason for unity prior to the “controversy,” what?
“The Grand Compromise” 77
Moderates call the reason for unity prior to the “controversy,” what?
“The Grand Consensus” 77
What was the Grand Compromise or Consensus?
The conservative statements of faith that had been left open to varying interpretations so as not to exclude any who wanted to be SB. (77)
Self-identified fundamentalists Comprise of 11%, What are they?
Super-church pastors, leaders of the conservatives, Baptist Fiath and message Fellowship
Fundamentalists-conservatives Comprise of 22%, what are they?
Fundamentalist in Theology, but strongly committed to the convention
Conservatives Comprise of 50%, what are they?
Those with some differences with the fundamentalists, but conservative in theology
Moderate-Conservatives Comprise of 8%, what are they?
Opposed to fundamentalists’ approach to scripture; former denominational establishment
Moderates Comprise of 9%, what are they?
Those with basic theological differences with the fundamentalists
According to Ammerman’s Spectrum there are how many in the middle?
According to Ammerman’s
How many swing to the right in Ammerman’s Spectrum?
How many swing to the left in Ammerman’s Spectrum?
Why did the conservatives win?
They were a majority in the convention
Who wrote about the so-called fragmentation of the SBC?
Bill Leonard 81
Since the controversy how much has the number baptisms changed overseas?
Why did the seminary enrollment initially drop after the controversy?
Possibly because of the staff change or maybe an over all number of people just not going to seminary. 82
How many students are in our seminaries?
11, 500 (82)
How many churches went to the CBF?
Less than 2000. 5% of the SBC churches involved
Why could the Baptist Alliance not stay with the CBF?
b/c of their liberal homosexuality views. 82
How many terms can a President have?
2 - 1 year terms
Earlier denominations were formed on the basis of?
Theological Confessions
In the US in the 19th Century denominations formed around what?
Common objectives more than theology
Baptists organized their denomiation around what in the 19th century?
A common purpose
Did Baptists organize around a statement of faith in the 19th century?
False, A common purpose
Why did Baptists not have to have a statement of Faith in the 19th century?
They inherited a heritage that included a confessional, theological identity stated clearly in a number of widely accepted confessions - Philadelphia Confession and New Hampshire.
No Creed but the Bible is a Baptist Statement; T or F
False; Campbellites said this
Why did confessions of faith need to be restablished for Baptists in the 20th Century.
Scripture Criticism;
Baptists had to come to terms with Modernity and its effect on theology 84
What was the result of the 19th century confessional ambiguity?
The Controversy 84
In the need for the Baptists to redefine our identity, what is the key issue?
Our view of the Bible 84
Other than Biblical Inerrancy what other things define the baptist heritage?
Confessional identity vs the free and autonomous individual. Soul freedom, liberty of conscience, etc 84
What is central to Baptist Identity?
Reclaiming our Baptist Polity would mean a change in three areas; these would be?
Meaningful Church Membersip
The role of elders in congregationalism
Connectional impulse vs individualism run amuck (Convention vs Society)84
According to McBeth, what doctrine is the bedrock doctrine for the Baptist version of fundamentalism?
How does a person check the effect of our historical context when dealing with scripture?
Know hoe others who lived in different historical contexts saw the scriptures. Examples of Baptists in the 18th and 19th centuries 86
What is the pyramid that has to do with theological study and redefining Baptist identity
4. Practical Theology
3. Systematic Theology
2. History as Baptist
1. Bible
According to Stan Norman there are two traditions that claim Baptist Identity. What are they?
Reformation Tradition and Enlightenment Tradition

What is at the center of the Reformation Tradition
Biblical Authority and develops a distinctive ecclesiology with regenerate chuch membership as well as religious liberty
What is at the center of the Enlightenment Tradition?
Christian Experience along side of scripture as an authority. IT also accents the emphasis on ideas relating to religious liberty, with a very individualistic application of religious liberty under the phrase, "soul competence"
Who was the founder or biggest influence for the Enlightenment Tradition?
E.Y. Mullins
E.Y. Mullins was best know for what view of salvation?
"Soul Competence"
What is "Soul Competence"?
Can come to Christ w/out human mediation.
Which "Tradition" of Baptist identity emphasized doctrinal or confessional identity?
Reformation Tradition
Which "Tradition" of Baptist identity emphasized the idea of freedom from a prescribed doctrinal or theological identity, freedom to choose for yourself?
Enlightenment Tradition
Who wrote "More than just a name: Preserving our Baptist Identity"?
Stan Norman 89
What is a Creed compared to a Confession?
A Creed is universal and ecumenical; A Convession is specific and denominational. 89
What term is a "bad word" to most Baptists in regards to Creeds or Confessions?
Creeds! It denotes coercion and force and violates freedom
Baptists in the last 100 years have explained Creeds and Confessions as being, according to William Lumpkin. . .
Creeds are what you must believe and hase a tone of uthority or coercion; Confessions is what a given group of Bapitst happen to believe 89
Which work is used more often nowadays in Baptist Statements of Faith, Creed or Confession?
Confession 89
Does William Lumpkin's definition of the sense of non-creedalism actually match the evidence of confessions themselves?
According to Timothy George Baptists have been non-creedal b/c . . .
They have opposed state-imposed creeds in the name of religious liberty.
The have never elevated creeds above scripture. (it being the final authority and creeds being interpretations of the Bible.)
They have never conceived of any creed being final and infallible. 89
Which definition of Baptist non-creedalism--Lumpkin or George -- best accords with the evidence of the confessions themselves and how they functioned in Baptist History?
Lumpkin 92
What are the views of Baptist Identity?
Reformation Tradition
and Enlightenen Tradition
What is the proclaimed origen of the Enlightened Tradition?
Usually they start with Early Baptists: John Smyth, Thomas Helwys, Bunyan and Roger Williams and make much of their principal stand for freedom
What is wrong with the Enlightned Traditions' view on freedom coming from historical people such as John Smith?
They were not Baptists for very long and anyhow they were wanting freedom from government coercian, not doctrinal.
WHo is the authority of the theology of individualism?
E.Y. Mullins
Who said that " soul competency is the most distinctive and most important Baptist belief?
E.Y. Mullins 94
E.Y. Mullins' quotes about confessions, "having no authority over the conscience" and "are not to be used to hamper freedom of thought or investigation in other realms of life" are found in what Baptist Document?
The 1925 Preamble to the Baptist Faith and Message
Paul Harrison wrote that E.Y. Mullins began thinking Baptist Identity was not from historical perspectives because?
Men slipped off their theological base and cooperated with the spirit of individual voluntarism or Theological Independence
Individualism according to Paul Harrison reached its peak with who?
E.Y. Mullins
E.Y. Mullins work reflects ideas from who rather than the N.T.?
John Locke
Winthrop Hudson believes that soul competency derived from where?
general culture and the religious climate of the 19th century; not the Bible 95
What other authers agree with E.Y. Mullins in regards to Baptist identity and individualism?
Fisher Humphreys and Timothy George
What is imbodied in E.Y. Mullins' theology?
Was E.Y. Mullins the true supporter of the Enlightenment tradition as some argue today.
No, in his last book, "Christianity at the Crossroads" did not support neo-orthodoxy, scientific, modernistic, liberal or neo-orthodox reducitonism of Christianity and the supernatural
Which confession did E.Y. Mullins choose to compromise over the Baptist Faith and Message in 1925?
The New Hampshire rather than the Philadelphia 95
When Baptists can't trust what is assumed doctrinally then what must be done?
Articulate what we believe
What was eating away at at Baptist theologal identity?
Challenges to Scripture raised in the 19th and 20th Century
What is the central issue of the Baptist Identity?
The Authority of Scripture
What was the key element of the reformation tradition?
What things challenged the traditional Baptist understanding of Scripture?
Modern biblical criticism, Baptist Individualism and various elements of the Enlightenment tradition of Baptist Identity 96
What is the most important and bilical affirmation we can make about the Bible?
Its unique divine authority; and second its logical implication for the Bible's inerrancy teaching about itself 96
What is the argument for inerrancy?
The Bible claims to be the revelation of God
Go, Being perfect, wouldl not lie, deceive, or teach anything untrue.
Therefore: The Bible must be inerrant.
Why was the word Inerrancy used?
It became the word that SBC and other evangelicals chose to safeguard their understanding of a high view of the Bible's authority after the words authority and even infallibility lost their meaning. 96
The word ______ was not enough in itself to guarantee a high view of biblical authority.
"authority" 96
What word was used to affirm the Bible and still allow for minor erros on some points?
Infallible 97
What is the ICBI ?
International Council on Biblical Inerrancy 97
Why is "just having the Bible" not enough?
1. Jahova's Witness, Mormons and Moderates also believe the Bible is true
2. Defining inerrancy challenges modernity and higher criticism
What Baptist Confession was the most precise in it's theology?
2nd London Confession
What has been the general goal for the SBC dealing with differing interpretations like Landmarkism or Calvinism?
Incorporate and express what the mainstream could affirm, and avoid extremes. 99
James P. Boyce had to fight against Landmarkism. He used what to do so?
The Abstract of Principals 99
What three statements of the Abstract of Principals helped Boyce fight against LAndmarkism?
1. Give a clear statement of the "fundamental doctrines of grace
2. Affirm those theological principles "universally prevalen among Baptists"
3. To assure that "upon no point, upon which the denomiation is divided, should the Convention and throught it Semianry take a position. 99
Which BFM changed the most?
What part of the BFM 2000 changed regarding to confessions of faith?
The preamble. 100
what was added to the BFM 2000 preamble?
Clarification of what it means to be a confessional people and the words "instruments of doctrinal accountability" but claimes to be in "historic success" with earlier generations of Baptists. 100
What was the main issue in the 1925 BFM?
What was the main issue in the 1963 BFM?
The authority of Scripture
The 1963 was still ambiguious about what phrases?
"the record of God's revelation" and "The criterion by which the Bible is to be interpreted is Jesus Christ." 100
The BFM 2000 did what?
Take out the Ambiguity and take a clear stand.
What does the BFM 2000 say about Scripture that the 1925 and 1963 did not?
Scripture is "God's revelation" and "The criterion by which the Bible is to be interpreted is Jesus Christ" it is "totally true and trustworthy" "a testimony to Christ, who is himself the focus."
Other than inerrancy what other theological issues need to be addressed in the SBC?
Salvation and condemnation: Universalism, Religious pluralism, the fate of those who never hear the gospel, annihilationism
Ecclesiology: Challenges brought by seeker churches
What has become a major issue in evangelical thought due to the challenges raised initially by seeker churches and emerging churches?
What means must be used to look objectively at the Emerging Church?
History. warns against getting too involved with the culture. 101
In the BFM 1925 where were the theological loopholes?
Record of God's revelation of Himself to man
What is the Moral loophole found in the BFM 1925?
"The criterion by wich the Bible is to be interpreted is Jesus Christ"
Homosexuality is okay if Jesus doesn't speak against it.
What part of the BFM 2000 preamble Underminds Importance?
"...Investigation in other realms of life"
Ana-Baptists did not engage culture in what way?
English Baptists were involved in the culture by doing what?
Serving in the government, army and fighting for religious liberty. 102
In regarding to culture since the very beginning Baptists have always been what?
The persecuted minority 102
The General Baptists reacted to the culture after the Act of Toleration by doing what?
Falling prey to Unitarian thinking
The Particular Baptist reacted to the culture after the Act of Toleration by doing what?
Became very strict with Hyper-Calvinism
During the 19th century Baptist did two things which were against their original beliefs, what were they?
Relaxed their standards of membership and began to neglect the practic of church discipline
In the 18th and 19th centuries Baptist were frankly counter-cultural; the members could not do what?
cock-fight, gamble, drink or dance
What was the ratio of members to attenders of Baptist churches in the 18th and 19th centuries?
2 or 3:1
The south became influenced by the SBC in what century?
The culture affected the SBC i n the 20th Century by what means?
American businesses and its models.
Pastors as CEO and Deacons as trustees. 103
Churches in the early 20th century succumbed to what social problems?
Civil rights
Sociologist Alan Wolfe says that wherever American culture and Christianity have met in the past 50 years, who won?
American Culture
Richard Niebuhr made an analysis in His book "Christ and Culture" What were the five major ways?
Christ against Culture
Christ of Culture
Christ over culture
Christ and Culture in Paradox
Christ transforming Culture
Even when understanding culture what two problems still remain?
1. Distinguishing which elements of culture may be applauded, opposed and enlisted for service for Christ
2. What way do we oppose elements of culture that faithfulness to Christ requares us to oppose?
How can a Christian Guard from the culture - name four ways
Historical perspective, cross cultural experience, immersion in Scripture and learning from each other in the body 103
Some see what as inherent in the Baptist DNA?
Religious Liberty
Some some see Religious Liberty as a party of Baptist DNA as well as?
Originating from being a persecuted minority?
Some think that b/c of the strong Christian involvement in influencing government that Baptists are doing what to the Baptist Heratage?
Betrayed the Baptist Heritage b/c they are asking the government to enforce Christian values on others who don't share those values.
What Baptist Leaders wrote one of the earlies defenses of religious liberty for all people in the English Language?
Thomas Helwys
Which Baptist leader was the pioneer of religious freedom in the USA?
Roger Williams
What two Baptist leaders acted as powerful forces to lead up to the Bill or Rights being added to the Constitution to protect religious freedom.
Isaac Backus and John Leland
What 20th Century Theologian that defended individual liberties?
E.Y. Mullins
For traditional Baptists, the most fundamental basis of religious liberty is?
That the nature of true faith cannot be coerced.
What sect of Baptists tried to make themselves the only legitimate church?
How did the disestablishment of religion help America as a whole?
It have the people the freedom to choose their religion and how to practice "within lawful reason"
What changed the protestant influence of the 19th century America?
Catholic and Jewish Immigration
What caused a more pervasive role of government moving the religious involvement out of social services?
The great depression and the "New Deal" of the 1930's
Government action was neutral towards religion in the 19th and early 20th Centuries; T or F?
In the 18th and 19th century religion was a key player in what areas of US Culture?
Education, health Care, relief of the ppor and in setting the social agenda
Christian influence has been increasingly removed from education in the name of what?
Government Neutrality
What did the case of Everson vs Board of Education in 1947 do to the governement supporting religion?
It signaled the courts from "accommodation" of religion to "separation" of religion. Government Neutrality.
The courts move to "separation" of religion led the government to do what?
Outlaw government written and sponsored prayer and to prohibit state-sponsored Bible reading.
The attempt to separate church and state has resulted in exclusion of religion from public life, and neutrality has become, what?
When was the change in the US's Pluralist society first seen?
After WWII
Among other religions what other group is growing rapidly in the US?
What groups have challenged support of religion in the USA?
Secularists, Atheists, Unitarians and the ACLU
The Supreme Court justices that have passed laws to enforce secualr neutrality sees the constitution as what? Rather than in it's original light?
As a "living thing" that cen be applied to new situations in creative ways.
Where are most of the secularists in regards to demographics?
Urban areas and working in media and academia
The Corust has not protected neutrality bu in effect promoted the establishment of what religion?
The religion of secularism
What groups changed the early US de facto Protestant establishment?
Immigration of Catholics and Jews
Who antaginizes Judeo-Christian religion, when in the past both groups have learned to live together?
What two changes lead to the third major chang in the environment of religious liberty?
The pervasive role of government and a more pluralistic nature of America
Abortion, school prayer adn traditional family values were all entangled with what issue in the SBC?

According to James Davison Hunter what are the two groups involved in the culture war?
The Orthodox and The Progressive
Secularists bond well with which "Culture War" group b/c both believe that only binding moral authority resides in the individual?
The Progressives
What do "The Orthodox" believe in regards to teh culture war?
That society needs a common vision of what is right and wrong based on an external sourse. 111
What would a Good News Methodist and an Orthodox Baptist have in common?
their Orthodox view of society.
What areas, according to Hunter does the culture wars cover?
abortion, homosexuality, feminist movement, definging the family, education; media/Arts, violence and sex on TV/Movies; censorship vs. freedom of speech; 1st amendment laws; Rep and dem.
The religious right and churches are going against traditional SB heritage by doing what?
Attempting to use the civil power to commplish the work of Christ; the strict separation and not accommodation is the true,historic positon of baptists.
Who are the schools afraid of in regards to being sued for allowing religious expression?
What can Baptists stand for in the culture war that is still keeps with our heritage?
Affirm the importance of positive respect for all religions
Work for public expression of religion and morality in ways the do not involve coercion
Teaching Values in Schools "character education"
Supporting Tax vouchers to go to parents to choose what school their child should go to.
Supporting general moral views with good arguments, rather than forceful criticism
Beware of putting too much trust in what politics can accomplish
How can Southern Baptists try to make changes in the culture without infringing on other people's moral boundaries?
Find Common Ground, Learn by persuasion rather than imposition; argue our points with arguments anyone can accept.