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What are the five steps to a balanced life?
1. Identify Priorities
2. Set Goals
3. Assess the Present
4. Make and Take Action Plans
5. Evaluate the Results
What are some of the steps/suggestions for each step?
Identify – think strategically, identify what is important to you
Goals – set career and personal goals
Asses – SWOT analysis, use of time
Plans – personalize success, set boundaries, manage time, seek outsourcing, seek mentors
Evaluate – accountability, reinforcement, be a role-model
What are the six suggestions made in step four of managing a balanced life
personalize success
set boundaries
manage time
seek personal outsourcing
seek personal and career mentors
What is superhuman syndrome?
You can do it all role norms in media and popular culture.
What is telecommuting?
When an individual completes a least part of their job responsibilities from a location remote from the workplace
What is jobsharing?
When two individuals share one full-time position
What is flextime?
When workers are required to be in the workplace during core hours but can decide when to work the rest of their hours
What is alternating strategy?
Concentrating heavily on career during some but not all periods of adult life
What is organizational citizenship?
Behaviors that go above and beyond job requirements
What does it mean to personalize success?
Defining success based on one’s own priorities and goals.
What is bundling?
Spending time in various ways that combine multiple goals
What is personal outsourcing?
Seeking assistance with personal and career tasks.
What is work/life spillover?
Work interfering with life or vice-versa
What does it mean to be mindful?
Staying focused on the present
What is a personal mentor?
Someone who offers personal advice and/or coaching