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Corporate Culture (more detail)
included behavioral patterns, concepts, values, ceremonies, and rituals that take place in an orginization.
Ethical Framework
apethetic, caring, integrative, exacting
shows minimal concern for either people or performance. focus is on own self interests
high concern for people but minimal concern for performance
little concern for people but high concern for performance
high concern for people and performance
6 ways to classify leaders
coercive leader, authoritative leader, affiliative leader, democratic leader, pacesetting leader, coaching leader
coercive leader
demands instantaneous obedience and focuses on acheivement, initiative, and self control
authoritative leader
inspires employees to follow a vision, facilitates change, and creates a strongly positive performance climate.
affiliative leader
values people, their emotions, and their needs and relies on friendship and trust to promote flexibility, innovation, and risk taking
pacesetting leader
can create a negative climate because of high standards.
coaching leader
builds a positive climate by developing skills to foster long term success.
Transactional Leaders
attempt to creat employee satisfaction by negotiating for desired behaviors or performance
Transformational Leaders
strive to raise employees' level of commitment and to foster trust and motivation