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native american people that settled in teh valley of mexico in teh 1200s ad and lter developed a powerful empire.
charter colony
william penn
he established a haven for quakers.and founded PA.
Dutch west indies company
duthc gov. gave them permission the colonize new netherland and expand the thriving fur trade.
economic system in which nations seek to increse there wealth.
law making body in England
Navagation Acts
Laws passed by the brittish to control colonial trade.
Edmond Andros
in charge of Dominion of New England. tood a hard line approach when dealing with colonists.
Glorious Revelution
overthrow of james the second. no shots were fired.
French and Indian war
Fought btwn. the french and english for control of land in north america. major area of concentration- ohoio river valley. war lasted 9 yrs.
George Greenville
financial expert- new prime minister george III
Sugar Act
Trade law enacted by parliament in 1764 in an attempt to reduce smuggling.
Salutary Neglect
an english policy of relaxing the enforcement of regulations in its colonies in return for the colonies continured economic loyality.
Racial prejudice
Dislike of people b/c of there race.
Stono Rebellion
a 1739 uprising slaved in south carolina leading to the tightening of already harch slave laws.
an 18th century intellectual movement that emphasized the use of reason adn the scientific method as means of obtaining knowledge.
Benjamin Franklin
enlightment figure obrained truth through experimentation and reasoning.
Johnathan Edwards
a member of the clergy who sought to recieve the intensity and dedication of the original puritan vision.
Proclamation of 1763
an order in which Britian prohibited its amercian colonists form settling west of the applachain mountains.
Treaty of paris 1763
the treaty that ended the french and indian war.
Dominion of New England
northern colonies were consilidated from south maineto new jersey into one vast colony.
the Ottawa leader who realized that the french loss was a loss for native americans.
William Pitt
ran britians governement he was an energetic, self-confident politician.he said he was goin to build the largest best equipped army ever seen in N. america.
Stamp Act Congress
new york city. representation from 9 cities attended- issued declaration of rights and grievances which sated taht parliament lacked the pwer to impose taxes on them.
The Liberty
a ship- john hancock seized by british soldirs-been accused of smuggling wine into the maderra islands.
Boston Massacre
March 5 1770- a competition for jobs. conflict btwn. colonists adn br. soldiers in which 4 colonists were killed.
Paul Reveere
He made an engraving of the Boston massacre which angered many colonists.
Committee of correspondence
setup by teh va. and ma. to communicate with other colonies about this and other threats to american liberties.
Boston Tea Party
br. east india co. had a monoply ot sell tea in eng. colonies. dec. 16, 1773. dumped thousands of pounds of tea into harbor.
Thomas Gage
appointed new governor- held a military pos. commander chief of brittish.placed under martial law.
civilian soldiers.
Second conten. congress meets?
George Washington
Commanding general of contenental army.
Olive branch Petition
an offer of peace sent by delegates form second contin. congress to king george III
Common Sense
short pamphlet written ananamously -auther thomas paine. argued that independence would lead to a better society.
americas name for the mercanaries.
Battle of Trenton
Christmas night 1776, washington and his men rode across the deleware river and marched 9 miles to trenton. caught hessians off guard. victory encouraged americans to reenlist.
capital city of america
Von Stueben
Prussian captain adn talented drill master. he taught troops to execute field manauvers fire and reload quicklly bayonetts.
De Lafayette
joined washington staff led a command in va. and lobbied for french reinforcements.
Nathaniel Greene
was washingtons general who was responsible for harassing charles cornwallis.
John Jay, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin
American delegates at paris peace conference.
Martial Law
temporary rule by military rather than civilian authority.
the selling of goods in short supply at inflated prices.
a colonist who supported american independence from britian.
a colonist who supported the british government during the american revelution.
James Madison
is teh father of the consitution and he made up the declaration primarily.
Bill of Rights
the first ten ammendments to the u.s. constitution, added in 1791 and
consisting of a formal list of citizens rights and freedoms.
writ of Habeous Corpus
Freedom from arrest while attending a session of congress unless for a serious offense. freedom of speech while speaking on the floor of congress.
Great Compromise
propsosed by roger sherman-the C.C agreement to establish a two house national legaslature, with all states having equal representation in one house adn each state having representation based on its pop. in the other house.
Seperation of Powers
powers of the government would be divided btwn. the national gov. adn the state gov.
Legaslative branch
make laws.
Judicial Branch
hear cases.
Executive Branch
Carry out laws.
the official approval of the constitution. or of an amendment, by the states.
Electoral College
Group selected by the states to elect the pres. adn teh vice pres. in which each states # of electors is equal to the # of its senators or representitives in congress.
George Washington
leading federalist
First state to ratify the constit.
James Madison
Leading federalist
they are allowed to admit new states into the union.
Judiciary act of 1789
provided for a supreme court- a chief justice and 5 associate justices. 3 federal circus courts, 13 federal distnct courts.
George Washington
he took office in 1789- only 2 members in teh executive department.
Thomas jefferson
headed the department of state.
Alexander Hamilton
headed the department of treasury.
Edmond Randolph
served as the countrys first attorney general-the chief lawyer of the federal gov't.
people who shared hamiltons vision f a strong central gov't.
Whiskey Rebellion
A rebellion by farmers in werstern PA refused to pay the tax farmers beat up federal marshalls and threatned to secede from the union .
a belief that national interest should be placed ahead of regional concerns and that foriegn policy should be guided by by national self interest.
a government ban on trade with one or more other nations.
the forcible seizure of men for military service.
Alien and sedition acts
a series of four laws enacted in 1798 to reduce teh political power of recent immigrants to the u.s.
the refusal to take part in a war btwn. other nations.
xyz affair
a 1797 incident in which french officials demanded a bribe from U.S diplomats.
the placing of the interests of ones own region ahead of the interests of the nation as a whole.