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The american war lasted _______ but vietnam.....
15 years
in 1885 what happened to vietnam?
lost independance to french
into what 3 regions did the french divide vietnam
tonkin, annam, cochinga
destroy unity
what was french indo china?
laos, cambodia, vietnam
did vietnam rebel?
what did the french do to the rebels?
executed them
in the north they built ________ and _____

In the south they priduced ____, ______, ____
factorys and expanded mines

tea, rubber, rice
did peasants benefit the increased production?
dud the french govt profit greatly?
who did profit?
french indistrys
most vietnamise who led the later resistance movement were ______ educated
in 1917 Nguyen Tat Thanh moced to Paris and took the name ______ which meant ______
Nguyen Ai Auoc, patriot
he was the founder of the ____________________
French Communist Party
in 1930 the FDrench put down the ______ rebellion in ____ days
Xen Bay, 2
_____, the son of emperor Kai Dinh .......
Bao Dai
was he a forceful ruler?
no - he was known as the "playboy" emperor
how did the french propaganda picture Vietnam occupation of Indo-china?
thought they brought civilization, jou, prosperity
Pres Roosevelt cut ______ and ____ on Japan
supplies of scrapmetal, imposed oil embargo
Roosevelt proposed that Japan ________ Indo-China
The Chief of the Division for south east asian affairs furing WWII was _________
Abbot Low Maofao
What did roosevelt think shouild happen to vietnam after the war?
france would leave...would be self ruled or by international trustee-ship
what benefits did he see the vietnamise having reveiced during French Rule?
He did however modify this position in public. Why?
allies didnt want vietnam free
in march 1945 the japanese ___________ and _____ the french troops
overthrew french, imprisoned
the japanese then offered bao dai _______.
in 1941 Nduyen Ai Quoc founded the _______ and took the name _______ awhich means ______
Vietminh, Ho shiminh, he who enlightens
during the war Ho Chi Minh was leading a ________ movement
because the hapanese were ____ and _____ rice, ____ of vietnamese died from ______
hording, exporting, 2 mil, starvation
how did the viet minh win over the vietnamese peasants during WWII?
stole rice from french and the japanese
Moffat described Ho as first a _____ and only second a ______. What did this mean?
nationalist, communist - it meant that he was first and foremost a communist
Major Patti sent the _______ into the mountains of vietnam.....
Deer mission
after the war bao dai received a letter from his people asking him to _____ and he did
sept 2, 1945 ....... vietnam celebrated the formation of the ___________ Ho read the ....... most of which happened to be copied from t he _________________________
democratic republic of vietnam - american declaration of independance
Major Patti said Ho felt that only _______ could help Vietnam