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What instruction details procedures for the
directives issuance system?
1. OPNAVINST 3710.7
2. OPNAVINST 4790.2
3. SECNAVINST 5215.1
4. SECNAVINST 5210.11
What type of correspondence prescribes or
establishes policy, method, or procedure?
1. Standard letter
2. Naval message
3. Endorsement
4. Directive
What type of Navy directive contains
information of a continuing nature or
requires continuing action?
1. Instruction
2. Notice
3. Bulletin
4. Order
What type of Navy directive is of a onetime
nature and contains information or action
that is applicable for a brief period?
1. Instruction
2. Notice
3. Bulletin
4. Order
What type of Navy directive contains
provisions for its own self-cancellation?
Instructions and notices that are issued in
the Navy Directive Issuance System are
similar in which of the following ways?
1. They provide for their own
2. They contain information of a
temporary nature
3. They have the same force and effect
4. They contain information of a
continuous nature
They have the same force and effect.
What additional information should you
always include when you reference
OPNAV Notice 4790?
1. Date
2. Office symbol
3. Identification symbol
4. Hull number
Date (must always be used when ref to Notices do to their onetime nature or brief duration.)
Your activity issues an original instruction
with a subject classification number 5440.
The instruction is the third instruction that
is issued on the same subject and is
classified Confidential. What should the
identifier be for this third instruction?
1. 3-5440
2. 3-C5440
3. C5440.3
4. 5440.3C

S for secret
c for confedential