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The management of the
maintenance administration work center is the
responsibility of what officer?
Is under the direction of the
assistant maintenance officer (AMO).
What division maintains a master paper or
electronic maintenance message board of current
messages that are annotated with the action
Maintenance Administration
The responsibilities of the maintenance
administration division include what task
or tasks?

A. Maintaining a master maintenance
message board
B. Drafting and publishing the 3M
C. Receiving and distributing mail
D. Preparing maintenance-related
3) A, C, and D only
What are examples of basic components of
a computer?

A. Central processing unit
B. Keyboard
C. Monitor
D. Mouse
E. Printer
4) A, B, C, D, and E

(All of the Above)
You should know the names and rates or rank of
everyone in the office when you start work in the
maintenance administration division. (True or
What is the word-processing equivalent of an
electronic typewriter’s automatic return?
What type of key is available on a
computer to assist you in performing
various processes?
Function keys allow users to operate the computer’s functions and
If you are an AZ striker (non-“A” school
graduate), what minimum number of
words per minutes are you required to type
before you are eligible to compete in the
advancement examination for AZ3?
AZ strikers are required to type 20 words per
Detailed procedures for transmitting and
handling classified material are found in
what instruction?
Department of the Navy (DON) Information
Security Program (ISP) Regulation, SECNAVINST
What are the approved classifications for
classified material?
Top Secret, Secret, and Confidential
What officer is responsible for ensuring
that all classified material is properly
safeguarded within a command?
Commanding officer
As a person who has been cleared and
authorized to handle Secret material, you
are authorized to take which of the
following actions?
1 . Handle any Secret material anytime
you want to handle it
2 . Handle Secret material only when
there is a reason to handle it
3 . Read all incoming Secret material
4 . Handle Top Secret as well as Secret
2) Handle Secret material only when
there is a reason to handle it
To what instruction should you refer for
detailed procedures in preparing the letter?
The Department of the Navy
Correspondence Manual, SECNAVINST 5216.5.
What element of the letter will be used for
referencing and filing purposes?
The subject of your letter is
MANAGEMENT. What type of code
should you assign the correspondence so it
can be grouped with related
Standard subject identification code
What reference do you use for SSIC's?
The Department of the Navy
Standard Subject Identification Codes
Since your letter will have a Secret
classification, you should type this
designation in capital letters at what
location on the letter?
In capital letters at the left margin two lines below the date in the identification symbol.
Where should you type the signature line
for your letter?
In the center of the page, four lines
below the last line of text
Your letter is ready for signature, but the
signer is not available. What designation
should you type in the signature block to
accompany the individual’s name who has
been formally appointed to sign the letter?
Before you forward the message to the
Naval Telecommunication Center for
transmission, who specifically must
authorize it?
As the composer of the message, you
would most likely be performing the duties
of what individual or authority?
You prepare the message, but it cannot be
transmitted due to simulated emergency
conditions. To what condition does this
control on transmission of the message
To what reference should you refer when
composing the naval message?
Naval Telecommunications Procedures User‘s
Sea Control Squadron 28 is the action addressee of the message. How should this address appear on the naval message?
If you were unsure of how the Sea Control Squadron address should look on the message, to what source should you refer?
Distributed Plain Language Address (PLA)
Verification System (DPVS)
What form of correspondence provides an
informal means to communicate within an activity
or between Department of the Navy (DON)
When preparing a standard letter, what rule of
thumb should you use for margins?
1-inch margin at the top and
bottom and on both sides
What element of the standard letter identifies the
sender, acts as a reference, and is used for filing
What system provides a uniform method of
issuing directives by all naval activities?
SECNAVINST 5215.1,Department of the Navy Directives
Issuance System
What type of document is used to establish policy,
organization, conduct, method, or procedure?
What are the two types of directives that are used
in the directives issuance system?
Instructions and Notices
instruction has continuing reference value and is
effective until ____.
the originator cancels or supersedes it.
Notices are directives of a onetime nature and
usually contain information or action applicable for a
brief period (usually
6 months or less, but in no case
more than 1 year).
The four categories of message precedence in ascending order of urgancy are __________ .
Routine, Priority, Immediate, and Flash
SSIC's are how many digits long?
4 to 5 digits.
How many subject groups are under the Navy's SSIC sytem?
13 subject groups.
SSIC'S = My Tired Old Lady Gave Me Funny Old Sour Grapes For Chow Ah
1000 Series-Military Personnel
2000 Series-Telecommunications
3000 Series-Operations and Readiness
4000 Series-Logistics
5000 Series-General Admin & Management
6000 Series- Medicine and Dentistry
7000 Series-Financial Management
8000 Series-Ordnance Material
9000 Series-ships Design & Material
10000 Series-General Material
11000 Series-Facilities & Activities Ashore
12000 Series-Civilian Personnel
13000 Series-Aero & Astro Material
What method of correspondence transmission is an alternative to the U.S. Postal system and allows users to send an exact copy of a document?
What tool does the maintenance admin use to track recurring report requirements?
Tickler File