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What is the highest peactime award for valor?
The Soldiers Medal
During peacetime who is the approving authority for the soldiers medal?
What is an award?
A decoration, medal, badge or appurturence bestowed on an individual or a unit
What is a decoration?
An award to an indvidual for a specific act of gallantry or service
What is the title for the following DA forms
2442, 7013, 4950, 87, 638?
2442- CO Achievment
7013- CO Apprecitation
4950- Good Conduct Medal
87- CO Training
638- Recommend/Request award
What are the six groups an award can be categorized into?
Decorations/ Good Conduct/ Service Medals/ Service Ribbons/ Badges & Tabs/ Certificates & Letters
What is the highest award given during wartime?
Medal of Honor
Who approves/awards the Medal of Honor?
How many stars are on the blue silk shield on the MOH?
What word is inscribed on the suspension bar of the MOH?
Whose profile in on the MOH?
Minerva, the roman goddess of righteous war and wisdom
What is the order of precedence for the wearing of individual awards?
US Mil Decor/ US Non-Mil Decor/ POW Medal/ GCM/ USAR Acheiv medal/ US service med/ribb/ US Merchant Marine decor/ Foreign Decor/ Non-US Service medals
What ribbon is awarded to all SM upon completion of AIT?
the Army Service Ribbon
(Rainbow Warrior)
What is the time limit for recommending an award?
2 Years
How many V devices can be worn on a ribbon?
No more than one
The V device is authorized for wear on what decorations?
Distinguished flying cross
Bronze star medal
Air medal
Joint Service Commendation Medal
How many different weapons are authorized component bars?
For what is the good conduct medal given?
For exemplary behavior, efficiency and fidelity
What words are inscribed on the GCM?
Honor, efficiency and fidelity
Who is the approving authority for the GCM?
Company Commander
What is the minimum time limit for reciept of the GCM?
12 months (except upon termination of service due to physical disability incurred in line of duty?
What army regulation covers the wear and appearance of the military uniform?
AR 670-1
What AR covers individual military awards?
AR 600-8-9
What is the approving authority for the following awards? AAM/ARCOM/MSM/LM/DSM
To whom is the purple heart awarded?
to anyone wounded or killed in action against an armed enemy
What is the second highest award for valor?
Distinguished service cross
What was the 1st medal awarded in the US army?
Purple Heart
What words are inscribed on the back of the AAM? the ARCOM?
AAM- for military achievment
ARCOM- for military merit
What is a fourragere?
A ropelike device worn to signify the award of a decoration
When can a unit award be worn?
When serving with a unit that recieved an award or if you were assigned to a unit when it received said award
Name the 4 special skills tabs?
Ranger/ Special forces/ presidents 100/ sapper
Name 3 appurtenances?
Oak leaf cluster/V device/ Numerals
When was the Medal of Honor established?
What makes the Purple heart different from other decorations?
Noone can recommend you for the purple heart, you must meeet certain criteria
In order of precendence name the awards that can be awarded to a unit?
Presidential unit citation/Joint Meritorious Unit Award/Valorous Unit Award/Meritorious unit Commendation/superior unit award/citation in orders
How many marksmanship badges are authorized for wear at one time?
What signifies the receipt of a second or subsequent award of the National Service Defense Medal?
A service star