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The in flight entertainment on Captain Todd's charter flights is what?
Faces of Death III
What is Vlad's online chatroom name?
What does the horn on Todd's van say when it honks?
"If this van's a-rockin', I'm doin' coke to Dokken"
The fake Uncle Culpepper loses money on what dot com?
Pregnancy FX
What is Little Nephew's Goth name?
Lord Absinthe
What is hidden inside Philippe's walk around butt?
Ray's mom wants what cooked for her on Easter?
Scripture Cake
What is Nice Pete's Goth name?
The Death Sound
Who is Lyle's mentor?
Phreak Pisces
How does Teodore die?
He chokes on a Grolsch bottle top
Ray makes up an equation that solves to what words?
Egg Sandwich
What was Roast Beef dressed in as an infant?
Wonderbread bags and extension cords
What is the name of Ray and Lyle's joint rolling company?
Lyle and Rays Perfect Jays
Ray's mom buys him a cookbook entitled what?
Catholic Recipes
According to Lyle's explanation of the Birds and Bees, how are babies made?
By pouring a bunch of magic gravy on a turkey and saying spells.
How does Click Robot get its revenge on Philippe?
Burns him with a little brand that says "Screw You, Man"
Ana Tomix sells what product?
Nuts for your cell phone called "ChatSacks"
Ray designs a Roast Beef LOLCAT that is doing what?
Sittin in ur Volvo, feelin ur Despair
Little Nephew threatens to kill himself by which method?
Driving a car into a lake 1" at a time.
The animals think that Nice Pete kidnaps Philippe to murder him but in reality Nice Pete takes him where?
The Super Secret Ice Cream Shop
Who breaks Roast Beef's neck in heaven?
What is Ray's dad's name?
Ramses Luther Smuckles
Rodney Leonard Stubbs
At the Great Outdoor Fight what do the army leaders get to feast on?
Turkey and brandy
Who throws the first pitch ever in the Stoned Lightning soft ball league?
Nightlife Mingus
What was Teodore's porn actor name?
Troy Harlem