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What is the theme song to Ray's urine?
Lady is a Tramp as performed by Frank Sinatra
What does Magnus Intactus offer Cornelius Bear during the Bad Ass Games?
A cup of coffee
What is Ray's street address?
11 Via Vera
Nice Pete invents a USB device that does what?
Collects votes from the internet and then drives a knife through your heart
What is Bensington Butters darkest secret?
He likes Hanna-Barbera better than Disney
Philippe has a talent for what bilingual activity?
Making up polygot palindromes
Which inventor do Ray and Bensington Butters meet in Mexico?
Lonis Edison
What does Bensington Butters learn directly as a result of sampling Lonis Edison's experimental ketchup?
The circumstances surrounding his own death
What does Ray's special softball bat feature?
A floating young Elvis whose hair falls off
According to Liebot, what is Chucklebot's favorite drink?
A shot of Grenadine with a cock ring floater
What will you likely yell if you drink from the all black bottle in Ray's whiskey sampler?
What is Roast Beef's catchphrase on his short lived public access science TV show?
Sciencia-Que Bueno!
What is the name of the Jehovah's Witness whom Ray convinces to franchise the Lord?
Milkin Honniker
Ray takes a Christmas card picture of himself doing what?
Holding his own beating heart
What is Showbiz' actual first name?